Melmaruvathur Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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The Melmaruvathur Temple, also known as the Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam or the Mel Maruvathur Adhi Parasakthi Temple, is a well-known ancient temple that is devoted to the holy mother Adhi Para Sakthi. It is situated at Melmaruvathur, which is 92 kilometers away from the state capital of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Melmaruvathur Temple is also known as Arulmigu Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam and Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple. Both of these names refer to the same place. See below to get detailed information about Melmaruvathur Temple Opening Closing Timings Today.

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Melmaruvathur Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

Mother Adhi Parasakthi, who is three feet tall and appears in a sitting position, has her right leg kneeled, and her left-hand rests on the lotus-shaped phallus, which is meant to convey the idea that She is all Supreme. Mother’s right hand is resting comfortably on a lotus blossom.

The formation of gods and goddesses often involves the use of all four limbs. Nevertheless, Mother Adhi Parasakthi only appears with two hands in this temple, much as she does at the Madurai Sri Meenakshi Amman shrine. It is stated that such forms, with two hands, are adopted in such regions where the Goddess functioned in a human form. The phrase “functioned” is key here. Her hair is twisted in a way that indicates her great level of knowledge.

Melmaruvathur Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

  • Timings Pooja details
  • The temple is open from three in the morning.
  • Swayambhu Idol Abhishekam – 4.00 AM to 5.30 AM
  • Alankaram – 5.30 AM
  • Maha Deepa Aarti and Sarva Darshan – 5.30 AM to 1.00 PM
  • Temple Closing hours   – 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM
  • Temple will be opened again at 3.00 PM
  • Sarva Darshan   – 3.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Melmaruvathur Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

Melmaruvathur temple daily opens in the morning at 3.00 AM and closes in the evening at 8.00 PM

The lotus phallus that Mother is seated on is a symbol that She is present inside the hearts of her worshippers. It is possible to recollect that the form of the human heart is likewise similar to that of an inverted lotus blossom. The lotus has petals that point both upward and downward, which represents the human mind’s tendency towards higher spiritual endeavors and a focus on the material world, respectively.

The way in which Mother Adhi Parasakthi is seated reveals both the fact that She is all-powerful and the fact that She guides those who are ignorant toward enlightenment.
It is possible to recall that Sri Ganapawthi Sthapathi, the principal of Mahabalipuram Sculpture College, was the individual who was responsible for the carving of the idol of Mother Adhi Parasakthi.

There is a good chance that this is the only temple in all of Tamilnadu that allows women to participate in the pujas that are performed by the male priests in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Women are discouraged from visiting temples during the days of their monthly cycle in order to maintain their physical purity. Within the confines of this temple, such a prohibition does not apply to them. According to Bangaru Adigalar, there is no need for a discussion on this topic because it is a law of nature that applies to women.





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