Mayuranathar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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The Mayuranathaswami temple may be found at the southernmost portion of Mayiladuthurai, in close proximity to the Kaveri River. During the reign of the Cholas in the Middle Ages, the temple was constructed. Despite the fact that there were a number of improvements made in the 17th century. See below to get the details about Mayuranathar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Mayuranathar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

What are the timings of the Mayuranathar Temple?

Mayuranatahr Temple opens in the morning at 5:30 AM and closes at 8:30 PM in the night.

It is reported that Lord Parvati’s father, Daksha, once presided over a pooja that was held in his honor. He did this on purpose to put him in a humiliating situation by omitting to invite Lord Shiva. He also did this to himself. As a result, Lord Shiva did not want Parvati to take part in the pooja in any way, shape, or form. Nevertheless, in order to demonstrate her reverence for her father, Parvati attended the ritual, despite the fact that Lord Shiva was unaware of her presence; nevertheless, Daksha caused her to feel ashamed of herself.

As soon as Lord Shiva realized this, he adopted the form of ‘Veerabhadra’ and performed a spell on Parvati, which caused her to morph into a peacock. In order to dispel the enchantment, she pretended to be a peacock and went through a number of grueling rituals as a kind of penance.

Because Lord Shiva was satisfied with her offering, he assumed the shape of a peacock and danced in a manner that is now known as the “Mayura Thandavam,” which literally translates to “peacock dance.” When Parvati had reunited with Shiva and restored to her original form, both of them started dispensing blessings under the titles ‘Mayuranathar’ and ‘Abayambigai’ respectively. Mayuranathar was the name of the one who bestowed blessings.

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Mayuranathar Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

On the first day of the month of Libra, which falls in October, on the day of the new moon, it is customary to perform a ritual bathing ceremony known as a holy dip. On the last day of the month, it is also customary to perform a ritual bathing ceremony known as a new moon bath and dip.

This method of meditation is referred to as “Thula Snanam” (Sanskrit: ). On each and every one of the thirty days that make up this month, it is anticipated that God will make an appearance in the Cauvery River. A guy who had lost the use of his legs made his way to Cauvery after hearing about Thula Snanam in the expectation that he may be absolved of the sins he had committed there.

The fact that he was crippled caused him to come late, which meant that October (which in Tamil is referred to as Aipasi) had already ended and that November (which in Tamil is referred to as Karthigai) had just started. The disabled man beseeched God that he would not be able to make it to the next year, and as a consequence, God allowed him to live for an additional day. Following that, the man who had been unable to walk walked to the Cauvery in order to wash himself. As a consequence of this, the method in question is referred to as “Mudavan Muzhukku.”

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