Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Panchangam Start and End Dates

Know the Information about Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Panchangam Start and End Dates, Dhanurmasam, Soonya Masam Dates and Pooja Rituals here.

Margasira Masam Telugu Calendar 2022:

The ninth month in the Hindu calendar is called Margasira Masam. The Mrigasira Nakshatra, or star, which appeared on the month’s full moon day, inspired the month’s name. The month is also referred to as Agrahayana, which is the term given to the equinox-marking month. Agra means “elder,” and ayana means “transition” or “journey.”

Telugu calendar includes information for the Telugu month and panchangam Margasiram of the Subhakrit November through December in English are the equivalent months to Agrahayana masam. November 2022 Telugu Calendar

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Margasira Masam 2022 Telugu Panchangam Start and End Dates

  • In Telugu Calendar, Margasira Masam is the 9th Month and Falls Pournima with Mrugasira Nakshatram.
  • This year Sri Subhakritnama samvatsaram Agrahayana Suddha Padyami to Agrahayana Bahula Amavasya in the Telugu calendar for 2022. The dates for the 2022 Margasira masam are November 24 and December 23, respectively.

Significance and Meaning of Margasira Masam:

The first month according to the ancient Hindu calendar was Margasira Masam/Agrahayana. Later, Chaitram was regarded as the start of the Hindu calendar’s first month. The Sun transitions from Vrischika Rasi (the Scorpion zodiac sign) to Dhanur Rasi in the middle of the auspicious month of Margasira (zodiac sign of Sagittarius). When the Sun enters Dhanur Rasi, which ushers in Dhanur Masam, Dhanur Sankramanam is observed.

The month also heralds the commencement of Hemanta Ritu, or the start of the tropical winter season, and Dhanur Masam typically begins on December 16 each year. In some areas of Andhra Pradesh, ladies decorate the floor of the main entryway with unique designs known as “dwaram muggulu” during Dhanur Masam.

A Hindu calendar’s ninth month is called Margashira Masa. start on new moon day at roughly the same time each year (or full moon day). The year used to begin with this month in the past.The full moon day coincides with the Margashira constellation this month. Midway through the month, the sun makes its transition from the sign of Sagittarius to Saggitarius, primarily on December 16th. After entering Saggitarius, the sun is known as Dhanurmansam.

During this month’s Krishna Sashti—the sixth day after a full moon—Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalaxmi will be adored, and on that day, Lord Karthikeya will be heavily revered.

People born in this month tend to be more bright, religiously oriented, and travel to several holy sites.


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