Hampi Vijaya Vittala Temple Timings Entry Fee Cost

Know the details about Hampi Vijaya Vittala Temple Timings Entry Fee Cost, Mapi Vittal Temple entry ticket cost, Hampi Vittal Temple location route map guide

The Shri Vijayavitthala Temple is referred to as the Vijaya Vittala Temple. Vittala is believed to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and the temple is devoted to him. Situated near the end of the sank Vittala Bazaar in the ancient town of Hampi, which is in the Indian state of Karnataka, adjacent to the River Tungabhadra. See below to get the details about Hampi Vijaya Vittala Temple Timings Entry Fee Cost

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Hampi Vijaya Vittala Temple Timings Entry Fee Cost

What is the importance of Musical Pillars at Hampi Vittal temple?

The enormous Ranga Mantapa is well-known for its 56 musical pillars, which are also known as SaReGaMa pillars. In all, there are 108 pillars in this structure. The fact that they have musical notes emerging out of them has been ascribed to them. If one taps the pillars softly, one can really hear the musical notes emanating from them. At the mandapa, there is a large collection of primary pillars in addition to a great number of secondary ones.

Each pillar provides support to the roof of the mandapa, while the main pillars are fashioned in the manner of musical instruments. The musical notes emanate from the seven minor pillars that are wrapped around each of the major pillars. Each note that is produced by these pillars produces a unique sound, which also varies according to the string instrument, percussion instrument, or wind instrument that is being performed. In the event that the pillars are struck by sandalwood, they will make rhythmic noises that are comparable to SaReGaMa.

Hampi Vijaya Vittala Temple Timings Entry Fee Cost

What is the entry fee for the Vittala Temple Hampi?

The entrance cost to the Vittala Temple is INR 30 per person for adults from India as well as those from nations that are members of SAARC and BIMSTEC. The cost of admission for adults coming from any other nation is 500 Indian Rupees (INR) per person. Free admission is provided to children under the age of 15 from any nation in the world.

Around two kilometers separate the main road and the Vittala Temple; however, private vehicles (including motorcycles, bicycles, automobiles, and buses) are not permitted beyond the main road. This is done to prevent vibration and dust pollution from causing harm to the monuments. You may use battery-operated vehicles (golf carts and buses), and getting there will only take you five minutes and cost you Rs. 10 per person for the one-way trip. You have the option of walking or riding a bicycle.

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Hampi Vijaya Vittala Temple Timings Entry Fee Cost

The primary shrine initially consisted of an enclosed Mantapa; in the year 1554 AD, an open Mantapa or hall was constructed to the edifice as an extension of the main temple. The temple covers a wide area and is surrounded by high compound walls as well as three gopurams that are rather tall. In addition, there are a great number of halls, shrines, and pavilions included within the complex’s boundaries.
The Maha Mandapa, also known as the main hall, the Devi Shrine, the Kalyana Mantapa, Ranga Mantapa, and Utsava Mantapa, as well as the very well-known stone chariot, are some of the most renowned buildings. One of the three most well-known stone chariots in the nation, the Stone Chariot can be found in the inner courtyard of the temple and is widely considered to be one of the most breathtaking examples of ancient architectural design. The cities of Konark and Mahabalipuram are home to two more chariots.


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