Gurgaon Sheetla Mata Mandir History And Significance

Know the details about Gurgaon Sheetla Mata Mandir History And Significance, Sheetla Mata Mandir history and importance, 

A significant Hindu destination, Sheetla Mata Mandir Gurgaon, is located in Gurgaon. Every day, a large number of devotees make the journey to this holy site in order to worship and beg the goddess for her favor. This temple may be found in Gurgaon, which is in the state of Haryana. Sheetala Devi is a deity that people from all around the world adore. Her name means “Sheetala Mother.” See below for details about Gurgaon Sheetla Mata Mandir History And Significance

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Gurgaon Sheetla Mata Mandir History And Significance

Behind the scenes of Sheetla Mata Mandir in Gurgaon are a number of fascinating tales. One such legend states that the goddess Durga took the form of a young girl named Katyayani. Katyayani was the daughter of the wise man who had defeated all of these demons, who at the time were using their terrible and wicked power to destroy the planet. Sheetala Devi, in her true form as the Hindu goddess Durga, was able to vanquish the demons that Kaalkeya had sent.

The demon of fever known as Jwarasur began to infect all of Katyayani’s childhood companions with an illness that could not be cured. He was responsible for the spread of illnesses such as cholera, dysentery, measles, and smallpox, among others. Katyayani was the one who was responsible for curing a few of her close friends, but in order to free the world from every kind of fever and illness, she assumed the shape of the goddess Sheetala.

Gurgaon Sheetla Mata Mandir History And Significance

Every one of her four hands held a weapon or an item that might be used to fight the demon and keep the planet safe from the fever. Her hands were occupied with a cup, a bottle of refreshing water, a winnowing fan, and a small broom. Sheetala Devi was able to restore health to every one of the children who had been afflicted.

After all of the children had been healed, Katyayani requested that her close companion Batuk confront the demon of fever, Jwarasur, in the outside world. Due to the fight that took place between the young Batuk and Jwarasur, the young Batuk was ultimately defeated and killed. Batuk, who was lying on the ground, began vanishing and changing into dust as if by some kind of sorcery.

Jwarasur was taken aback when he saw that Batuk had vanished, and he immediately began to speculate about where he had gone. Jwarasur had no idea that Batuk had taken on the appearance of a terrible masculine figure while he was away. This individual had three eyes, four limbs, and a garland made of human skulls around their neck.

Gurgaon Sheetla Mata Mandir History And Significance

He was armed with a demon skull, an axe, a sword, and a Trishool. He was of a dark complexion. His eyes were flaming with rage, and his flowing hair added to the effect. He had tiger skin on his clothing. Batuk transformed himself into the fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva known as Bhairav.

Bhairav informs the fever demon that he is a servant of the goddess Durga. They engaged in a protracted conversation that eventually turned into a fight. During the conflict, Jwarasur spawned a large number of demons; nevertheless, Lord Shiva was able to defeat them all. At the very end, Bhairav engaged in a grappling match with Jwarasur and ultimately used his trident to end the fight.


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