Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple Shivaratri Special Darshan Tickets

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Dharmasthala Temple Shivaratri Special: A Complete Guide

The Dharmasthala Temple, situated in the spiritual town of Dharmasthala in Karnataka, India, is a revered shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple holds a special place in the hearts of devotees, particularly during the grand celebration of Maha Shivaratri. In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide on Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple Shivaratri Special Darshan Tickets, ticket booking procedures, dress code, how to reach the temple, its location, and more.

Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple Shivaratri Special Darshan Tickets

Maha Shivaratri at Dharmasthala Temple is a grand affair, attracting devotees from far and wide. The temple opens early morning around 4:30 AM and closes late night around 11:00 PM. Devotees are allowed to have darshan throughout the day and well into the night, providing ample opportunity to seek blessings from Lord Shiva.

Tickets Online Booking and Offline Booking

Tickets for the Shivaratri special darshan can be booked both online and offline. For online booking, visit the official website of the temple and follow the instructions provided there. For offline booking, you can purchase tickets directly at the temple’s counter a few days before the festival. It’s recommended to book your tickets in advance due to the high demand during Shivaratri.

VIP Pass

For those who wish to avoid long queues, the temple provides a VIP pass service. These passes allow devotees to have a quick darshan. They can be purchased online or directly from the temple. However, availability may be limited during festive seasons like Shivaratri.

Dress Code

Dharmasthala Temple upholds a strict dress code for all visitors. Men are required to wear dhoti or formal pants and shirts, while women are encouraged to wear sarees or salwar kameez. Casual attire like shorts, mini-skirts, and sleeveless tops are not allowed within the temple premises.

How to Reach Temple

Dharmasthala Temple is well connected by road and rail. The nearest railway station is the Mangalore Junction, which is approximately 74 km away. From there, you can hire a taxi or a bus to reach the temple. If you’re traveling by road, the temple is easily accessible from major cities in Karnataka via the National Highway 73.


Dharmasthala Temple is located in the serene town of Dharmasthala, in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, India. The temple, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Western Ghats, provides a peaceful environment for spiritual seekers.


1. Can I perform a special pooja on my name? Yes, you can perform a special pooja on your name. You need to provide your details at the time of booking the seva.

2. Is there any facility for stay near the temple? Yes, there are several hotels and guest houses near the temple that offer comfortable accommodation.

3. Can I carry my mobile inside the temple? No, electronic items are not allowed inside the temple.

4. Is photography allowed inside the temple? No, photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple.

In conclusion, the Dharmasthala Temple offers a unique spiritual experience, particularly during Maha Shivaratri. Its serene ambiance, powerful rituals, and historical significance make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a trip to this temple promises to be a memorable and enriching experience. This is the brief information about the Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple Shivaratri Special Darshan Tickets in detail.

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