2024 Varuthini Ekadashi Fasting Date Time Puja

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Varuthini Ekadashi 2024: A Guide to Observance, Rituals, and Significance

Varuthini Ekadashi, observed on the eleventh day of the waning phase of the moon (Krishna Paksha) in the month of Vaishakha according to the Hindu calendar, is a day of profound spiritual significance. In 2024, this auspicious occasion offers devotees an opportunity for self-reflection, penance, and seeking blessings for prosperity and happiness.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the 2024 Varuthini Ekadashi Fasting Date Time Puja timings, puja details, pooja procedure at home, fasting rules, significance, and a step-by-step guide along with answers to frequently asked questions.

2024 Varuthini Ekadashi Fasting Date Time Puja

Varuthini Ekadashi in 2024 is set to be observed with devotion and fervor. The exact dates and timings may vary slightly depending on geographical location, so it’s advisable for devotees to consult local panchangams or calendars. Generally, the Ekadashi Tithi begins the day before the main day of fasting and extends to the next day morning, offering a window for the observance of Ekadashi Vrat. This year the 2024 Varuthini Ekadashi Fasting Date Time Puja falls on 04th May 2024.

Puja Details and Timings

On Varuthini Ekadashi, the puja rituals hold special importance. The best time for the puja is during the Brahma Muhurta, which is approximately 1.5 hours before sunrise. However, devotees can perform the puja during Pratahkal, which lasts until noon. Devotees should bathe early in the morning, wear clean clothes, and prepare a sacred altar for Lord Vishnu, who is worshipped on this day.

Pooja Procedure at Home

  1. Cleanse the Puja Area: Begin by cleaning the area where you intend to perform the puja.
  2. Set Up the Altar: Place an idol or picture of Lord Vishnu on a clean platform or altar.
  3. Light a Diya: Light a ghee lamp and offer incense to create a serene ambiance.
  4. Offerings: Offer flowers, fruits, and Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu. It is also customary to offer Panchamrit, a mixture of milk, curd, honey, ghee, and sugar.
  5. Chanting Mantras: Recite Vishnu Sahasranama and other mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  6. Aarti: Perform the Aarti for Lord Vishnu with deep devotion, waving a lamp in a circular motion in front of the deity.

Fasting Rules

  1. Complete Fast or Partial Fast: Devotees may choose to observe a strict fast without consuming any food or water (Nirjala Ekadashi) or opt for a partial fast, consuming only fruits, vegetables, and milk products.
  2. Abstain from Rice and Grains: It is essential to abstain from eating rice, grains, and certain spices.
  3. Behavioral Conduct: Devotees should maintain a calm and positive demeanor, engaging in acts of charity, reading religious texts, and avoiding negative activities.

Significance of Ekadashi Fasting

Varuthini Ekadashi is believed to grant the benefits of performing several Ashwamedha Yagnas. Observing the fast and rituals on this day is said to remove sins and lead to salvation. It is a time for spiritual growth, self-discipline, and detachment from material desires.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Preparation: Prepare mentally and physically by deciding the type of fast you will observe. Gather all puja materials the day before.
  2. Observe Silence: Try to maintain silence or speak as little as possible on the day of Ekadashi.
  3. Engage in Spiritual Activities: Spend the day engaged in reading scriptures, chanting, or meditating.
  4. Breaking the Fast: The fast is traditionally broken the next day after sunrise, during the Parana time. Before breaking the fast, pray, and offer gratitude to Lord Vishnu.


  • Can I drink water while observing the fast?

    • If you are observing a strict fast (Nirjala Ekadashi), water is not consumed. However, for a partial fast, drinking water is allowed.
  • Is it necessary to stay awake all night?

    • Staying awake all night is not mandatory but is considered meritorious. Devotees often stay awake, singing bhajans or reading religious texts.
  • Can I eat fruits during the fast?

    • Yes, fruits, nuts, and milk products are permissible if you are not observing a Nirjala fast.
  • What if I inadvertently break the fast?

    • If the fast is broken inadvertently, seek forgiveness by praying to Lord Vishnu and observe the fast at the next Ekadashi or as soon as possible.


Varuthini Ekadashi is a beacon of spiritual purity, offering each devotee a chance to introspect, repent, and purify the soul. By observing the fast and performing the puja with devout sincerity, one can attain the blessings of Lord Vishnu, leading to spiritual enlightenment and ultimate liberation. Remember, the essence of Varuthini Ekadashi lies in devotion, discipline, and dedication to dharma. This is the brief information about the 2024 Varuthini Ekadashi Fasting Date Time Puja in detail.

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