Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack Significance And History

Know the details about Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack Significance And History, Dhabaleswar Temple importance and history, Dhabaleswar Temple location route map guide

The Dhabaleswar Temple is a place of worship in Cuttack, Odisha, that is devoted to the god Shiva. The name “Dhabaleswar Temple” comes from the Sanskrit words “Dhabala,” which means “white,” and “Eswar,” which means “god.” Together, these words form the root of the word “Dhabala.” See below to get the details about Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack Significance And History

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Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack Significance And History

One of the miracles that Lord Shiva is credited with performing is the origin of the term Dhabaleswar, which may be translated as “White God.” Once upon a time, a criminal ran away to a Shiva temple after stealing a black bull calf from a hamlet. During the time that the furious throng was waiting outside the temple, he concealed himself and the calf within the shrine.

The clamoring of the calf could be heard by everyone in the audience quite loudly. The robber prayed earnestly to Lord Shiva, pleading with him to save him from being caught in the throng. The Lord took pity on him and came in front of the throng in the guise of a Sanyasin and asked them what the source of their anger was.

The assassin carried the black calf outdoors after being informed that they suspected the thief of hiding in the sanctum together with the black calf. This was done in order to alleviate their suspicions about the whereabouts of the thief. Because the calf was white, the mob decided to let the robber go free after discovering this information.

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Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack Significance And History

The assassin vanished, and the thief quickly pieced together who had come to his assistance. He then admitted his guilt and expressed his remorse to the audience. He made a solemn oath to devote the remainder of his life to working for the Lord in some capacity. Because Lord Shiva once made the transformation of a black calf into a white one, he is also known by the name Dhabaleswara.

The Bhubaneswar Development Authority was responsible for the temple’s recent refurbishment and renovation work. The temple’s highest-ranking priest is known as Purnachandra Panda.

Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack Significance And History

By taking a bus from Chowdwar, Nuapatana, and Mancheshwar, one may get to the temple. It is also possible to get there through Bidanasi by taking a boat ride on the Mahanadi River. The most important route to the temple is through Mancheswar, which can be reached by Odisha’s first-ever foot hang bridge, which connects the unique island to Mancheswar.

Due to the fact that it is located on an island, the temple may be visited by boats that depart from ferries that are located in or close to Cuttack. In addition, there is a footbridge that tourists and devotees may use in exchange for a little donation. Along the path that leads to the bridge and the entrance of the temple, a number of businesses that are run by residents of the neighboring villages have been built up.


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