Bhadrachalam Temple Mutyala Talambralu Online Booking Kalyanam

Know the details about Bhadrachalam Temple Mutyala Talambralu Online Booking Kalyanam, Bhadrachalam Temple timings today, Sri Rama Navami 2023 in Bhadrachalam

The beautiful Bhadrachalam Temple, also known as the Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple, is where Lord Rama resides. The Hindu temple receives visitors from Telangana State and India for a variety of Sevas/Poojas and Darshan. In addition to providing spiritual nutrition, Bhadrachalam Ramalayam is located in a lovely and peaceful setting. Devotees can appreciate the serene atmosphere and sights around the temple location. See below to get the details about Bhadrachalam Temple Mutyala Talambralu Online Booking

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Bhadrachalam Temple Mutyala Talambralu Online Booking Kalyanam

The temple, one of Lord Vishnu’s seven carnations, was constructed by renowned Sree Rama devotee Kancharla Gopanna. This goes back to the 17th century when Gopanna served as Abdul Hassan Qutb Shah’s Tahsildhar.

Afterward, Lord Rama’s aides elevated him to the rank of Bahktha Ramadasu. Then Qutb Shah permitted Gopanna to collect taxes from the government (Jaziya tax). This was a punishment for Hindus who refused to convert. But, Gopanna utilizes the tax money to construct the Bhadrachalam Temple, a Hindu shrine, utilizing 6 lakhs of the total sum.

Bhadrachalam Temple Mutyala Talambralu Online Booking Kalyanam

Bhadrachalam Temple Brahmotsavams:

The primary temple event, the Vasantha Paksha Prayukta Srirama Navami Brahmotsavam, lasts twelve days and takes place in March or April each year. Rama Navami, which honors Rama’s birthday, is the main event of the Brahmotsavam. The marriage of Rama and Sita is required by the Pancharatra Agama, and it must take place on this day when the stars Punarvasu and Abhijit will be visible. This event is formally referred to as Sri Sitarama Thirukalyana Mahotsavam.

Visesha Snapanam, a particular washing of the festival icons, is performed to start off Brahmotsavam. This is followed by Ankurarpanam, listening to the Panchangam dictation, and the Thiruveedhi Utsavam. Special prayers are said, and the Dwajapata Bhadraka Mandala Lekhanam, a flag made of white fabric with a picture of the Garuda, is produced.

The wax-coated Garuda image consists of five distinct hues. The flag is honored via songs like Garudanyasam and Garuda Dhyanam. After being positioned at the feet of the main image of the temple, the flag is transported to the Vedi (fire altar) and deposited on a pile of rice. A 16-kalasha abhisheka (libation) of holy water is given to the flag to complete the procedure.

The priests perform Dwajarohanam (flag hoisting) and begin a special fire ritual after Garudadhivasam. Before the marriage can take place, Brahmotsavam continues with the Edurukolu (welcoming the bridegroom) event. The Shah established the custom of giving pearls and silk robes to Rama and Sita on the eve of their in-temple wedding after freeing Gopanna from prison. Throughout the Qutb Shahi era and all succeeding governments, this custom remained unbroken. These pearls are used in the Thirukalyana Mahotsavam alongside the Goti Talambralu.

Three gold discs the size of coins are embedded in the Mangala sutra necklace used during this wedding ceremony. Telugu legend states that the first disc belongs to Rama’s father Dasharatha and the second disc to Sita’s father Janaka. The third is about Gopanna, who saw Sita as his daughter. Only found in Bhadrachalam, this three-disc M

The Mangala sutra that Gopanna supplied is still in use today. Teppotsavam and Mahapattabishekam are held following the marriage ceremony. Sripushpayagam marks the conclusion of Brahmotsavam.

Bhadrachalam Temple Mutyala Talambralu Online Booking Process

  • Sri Sitharama Kalyanam will take place at Bhadrachalam on the festival day of Sri Rama Navami. Participants in the yearly heavenly wedding celebration of Sitarama Kalyanam come from various geographical locations.
  • Devotees can purchase Mutyala Thalambralu online or at Mee Seva locations. The Devasthanam of the Bhadrachalam Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple also made the decision to pack and send. The devotees must go to the closest Mee Seva center, pay Rs 30, and use the Mutyala Talambralu service.
  • At Sitarama Kalyanam, this amenity is accessible for a single day. People from Devasthanam will mail the Mutyala Thalambralu to the specified address.
  • Moreover, devotees have the option of ordering Mutyala Thalambralu online. Users must access the App and pay Rs 30 online.

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