Dev Diwali 2023 Date Puja Muhurat Significance

Know the details about Dev Diwali 2023 Date Puja Muhurat Significance, 2023 Dev Diwali date timings and importance, 2023 Dev Diwali date and puja rituals

The festival known as Dev Diwali or Deepawali is celebrated with much fanfare and opulence in the Indian city of Varanasi, which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This holiday takes place during the Hindu month of Kartik. Dev Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights of the Gods,” takes place fifteen days after the festivities of Diwali on the Kartik Purnima, which is the full moon day in the month of Kartik. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls throughout the month which spans November and December. See below to get the details about  Dev Diwali 2023 Date Puja Muhurat Significance

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Dev Diwali 2023 Date Puja Muhurat Significance

When is the Dev Diwali celebrated in the year 2023?

In the year 2023. Dev Diwali is celebrated on 26 November 2023.

The banks of the River Ganga are adorned with tens of thousands of diyas and swarmed by devotees in order to celebrate the festival of Dev Diwali. This utsav is conducted in Varanasi, which is considered to be a sacred city, on an annual basis. Celebrations are also taking place in other states in northern India, such as Gujarat and others of those states. In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the festival of Dev Diwali is observed on the very first day of the month and is locally referred to as “Margashirsh.”

Dev Diwali is a celebration that honors the victory that Lord Shiva had over the demon known as “Tripurasur.” This is the reason why the event is also referred to by its other name, which is the “Tripurotsav.” All of the festivities associated with Dev Diwali, Guru Nanak Jayanti, and the Jain light festival occur at the same time.

Dev Diwali 2023 Date Puja Muhurat Significance

The festival of lights known as Dev Diwali is observed by the divine beings who are also referred to by their Sanskrit name, the Devas. The celebrations of Diwali come to a stop on this day as well, coinciding with the conclusion of the Tulsi Vivah Ritual that is also held on this day. There is a prevalent belief that on the day of Dev Diwali, the gods and goddesses descend to earth in order to bathe in the Ganges river. This tale has been passed down from generation to generation.

At the Panchganga Ghat, in the year 1985, this one-of-a-kind practice of lighting diyas on the day of Dev Diwali was initiated for the first time. Varanasi, which was once a peaceful village, has turned into one of the most popular places for travelers during the festival of Dev Diwali. Every year, tens of thousands of worshipers from all around the globe come to pay their respects at awe-inspiring monuments such as this one.

Dev Diwali 2023 Date Puja Muhurat Significance

In addition to its significance in religious observance, the festival of Dev Diwali is observed as a time to pay tribute to the heroic martyrs who laid down their lives in the service of their country during times of conflict. As a means to commemorate the bravery of those who fought and died protecting Varanasi, memorial wreaths have been placed at a number of different spots across the city. The ‘Ganga’ Seva Nidhi is in charge of today’s event and is responsible for its organization.

In the end, each of the three branches of the United States Armed Forces—the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy—will perform their own versions of the traditional “last post.” In addition, there will be performances of Bhajans and songs with a patriotic theme, and the Bhartiya Shourya Samman awards will be presented to the winners.




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