Cheti Chand 2024 Date Timings Puja Muhurat

Know the details about the Cheti Chand 2024 Date Timings Puja Muhurat, 2024 Cheti Chand dates and puja muhurat, and the 2024 Cheti Chand dates puja muhurat and importance

Cheti Chand 2024: Date, Timings, Puja Muhurat, Festival Importance, Rituals, and Traditions

The Sindhi community celebrates Cheti Chand, an auspicious festival, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jhulelal, their patron saint. This year, Cheti Chand 2024 falls on Tuesday, April 9th. The festival holds immense significance for Sindhis around the world and is observed with great enthusiasm and devotion. See below to get the details about the Cheti Chand 2024 Date Timings Puja Muhurat.

Cheti Chand 2024 Date Timings Puja Muhurat

Date and Timings:

Cheti Chand is celebrated on the second day of the Chaitra month, which usually falls in March or April according to the Hindu calendar. In 2024, Cheti Chand will be observed on Tuesday, April 9th. The festival begins with the sighting of the moon, and the timings for the puja muhurat vary depending on the lunar calendar.

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Puja Muhurat:

The puja muhurat for Cheti Chand 2024 is from 6.44 PM to 7.30 PM. Devotees gather at temples and community halls to offer prayers and seek blessings from Jhulelal, the Ishta Dev (patron deity) of the Sindhi community. The puja ceremony involves the recitation of sacred hymns, the singing of devotional songs, and the offering of prasad (sacred food) to the deity.

Cheti Chand 2024 Date Timings Puja Muhurat

Festival Importance:

Cheti Chand holds immense cultural and religious importance for Sindhis. It is believed that Jhulelal, also known as Uderolal, appeared on Earth to protect the Sindhi community from the tyrannical rule of Mirkhshah, a Muslim ruler. Jhulelal is considered the embodiment of truth, justice, and compassion.

Cheti Chand is not only a celebration of the birth of Jhulelal but also a time for introspection and renewal. It is an occasion to reflect on the teachings of Jhulelal and strive for unity, harmony, and compassion in our lives. The festival serves as a reminder of the Sindhi community’s rich cultural heritage and the values they hold dear.

Cheti Chand 2024 Date Timings Puja Muhurat

Rituals and Traditions:

Cheti Chand is marked by various rituals and traditions that are followed with great enthusiasm. Here are some of the key customs associated with the festival:

1. Akhand Jyot:

Devotees light an Akhand Jyot (eternal flame) in their homes to symbolize the divine presence of Jhulelal. The flame is kept burning throughout the festival and is considered auspicious.

2. Chaliho Sahib:

Chaliho Sahib, meaning “40 days,” is a period of fasting and penance observed by devout Sindhis leading up to Cheti Chand. During this time, devotees abstain from consuming certain foods and engage in acts of charity and self-discipline.

3. Processions and Cultural Programs:

On the day of Cheti Chand, colorful processions are taken out in various cities and towns, with devotees singing devotional songs and carrying idols of Jhulelal. Cultural programs showcasing Sindhi music, dance, and art are organized to celebrate the festival’s spirit.

4. Sindhi Cuisine:

Food plays a significant role in Cheti Chand celebrations. Special Sindhi delicacies like Sindhi curry, Sindhi kadhi, and sweet dishes like singhar ji mithai and tairi are prepared and shared with family and friends.

5. Community Service:

Cheti Chand is also a time for the Sindhi community to come together and engage in acts of service. Many charitable activities, such as organizing free medical camps, distributing food to the needy, and supporting educational initiatives, are undertaken during this festival.

Cheti Chand 2024 Date Timings Puja Muhurat

Cheti Chand is a joyous occasion for Sindhis to celebrate their culture, heritage, and faith. It is a time for introspection, unity, and spreading love and compassion. The festival not only strengthens the bond within the Sindhi community but also serves as a reminder to embrace diversity and foster harmony among all communities.

As we celebrate Cheti Chand 2024, let us imbibe the teachings of Jhulelal and strive to create a world filled with love, peace, and understanding.

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