Chennai Ashtalakshmi Temple Timings Architecture History Details

Know the details about Chennai Ashtalakshmi Temple Timings Architecture History Details, Astalakshmi Amman temple Darshan Timings and Details Here

On the coast of Chennai, India, not too far away from Elliot’s beach, there is a Hindu temple that is known as Ashtalakshmi Kovil. The goddess Lakshmi is venerated at the temple because it is believed that she is the origin of eight distinct forms of riches. These forms of wealth include offspring, success, prosperity, money, courage, bravery, food, and wisdom. Because each shrine is shown on a distinct level, worshippers may go freely from one to the next inside the complex without ever being required to pass through a sanctum.

Chennai Ashtalakshmi Temple Timings Architecture History Details

At this temple, you may see the nine separate sanctuaries dedicated to the eight various forms of the goddess Lakshmi known as the Ashtalakshmis. The Lakshmi and Vishnu temple is located on the second floor. The arrival marks the beginning of the religious experience. The Santhanalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi, Vidyalakshmi, and Gajalakshmi temples may be found on the third floor.

A little distance further will bring you to the temple of Dhanalakshmi, the lone shrine on the fourth floor. Aadilakshmi, Dhaanya Lakshmi, and Dharyalakshmi shrines may be found on the ground level after exiting the main temple. Dashavatara, Guruvayoorappan, Ganesha, Dhanvanthari, and Anjaneyar are some of the other deities worshipped in the temple besides these avatars of Vishnu.

Chennai Ashtalakshmi Temple Timings Architecture History Details

At the Ashtalakshmi Temple, worshippers honor eight different manifestations of the Goddess Lakshmi. These incarnations are Wealth, Success, Prosperity, Bravery, Courage, Knowledge, Food, and Sri Mukkur. It was essential for Mahatma Srinivasa Varadhachariar to be in command in order to fulfill Kanchi Periyava’s wishes. 

This allowed for the wishes of Kanchi Periyava to be fulfilled. Public participation.d Offspring began laying the framework. The temple strictly adheres to the Vedic norms of the Aarukala Pooja system, which involves six daily poojas. The priests will only use ghee to light the candles in the temple. Special poojas honoring the Goddess are performed on the Fridays of the Tamil months of Thayee and Aadii.

The poojas are performed first thing in the morning. Mother Mahalakshmi ensures individuals who adore her have abundant happiness and success in all aspects of life. Devotees engage in the rituals of Archanas and Thirumanjanam. Vastras is given not only to God but also to Mother. The Neivethanam, a holy offering, is distributed to the worshippers at the temple.

Chennai Ashtalakshmi Temple Timings Architecture History Details And Deities 

The Dashavatars, who are incarnations of Vishnu, are also revered at this temple; the deities representing them may be found in the southeast corner of the building. The idols’ gaze is directed to the north. The Guruvayoorappan temple may be found towards the southeast, while the deity inside it faces the other direction, to the east.

As part of a ceremony known as Annaprashnam, worshippers here give rice to infants just after they have been born. The shrine that is devoted to Kamala Vinayagar may be found in the most south-western part of the temple. While perched on a lotus, he directs his gaze straight east. The trunk of the elephant known as Valampuri Vinayagar is curved to the right. The Yoga Narasimha Shrine may be found inside the Chakkarathalwar, which is located to the west of the temple.

On the northwesternmost point of the temple is where one may see a shrine that is devoted to Anjaneyar. The name of the deity is Abhaya Anjaneyar, and he lives in the direction of the east (in whom one finds refuge). The Dhanwantari shrine may be found in the northwestern portion of the temple complex. The shrine dedicated to Garudalvar may be found on the other side of the sanctuary from the main temple.

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