Charms Of Musical Steps At Airavateswara Temple In Darasuram

Know the details about Charms Of Musical Steps At Airavateswara Temple In Darasuram, Singing steps at Airavateswara Temple mystery

In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, close to the city of Kumbakonam, there is the little village of Darasuram. It is famous for the Airavatesvara Temple, which was constructed between 1146 and 1163 by Rajaraja Chola II. The structure of the temple is designed to give the impression that it is a chariot made out of a lotus flower that is resting on a lake. See here to get the details about Charms Of Musical Steps At Airavateswara Temple In Darasuram

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Charms Of Musical Steps At Airavateswara Temple In Darasuram

The temple is a veritable treasury of artistic and architectural treasures. The various sculptures not only portray the gods and the legends associated with them but also depict everyday life as it was experienced during that era. There are illustrations of all of the Bharatanatyam stances, as well as several representations of ladies doing gymnastic positions.

Two Dwarapalakas named Sankhanidhi and Padmanidhi can be seen guarding the entrance to the shrine. A modest mandapa can be seen in front of the temple, and it is accessible by a set of three stairs arranged in the shape of a ladder. The stones that make up the stairs produce a variety of distinct melodic tones when they are tapped, and each of the seven swaras may be heard coming from a different location along the path.

It takes several hours to properly enjoy the magnificence of this temple, and it is helpful to have a guide explain the complexities and the various carvings that are found throughout the building. Unquestionably deserving of a trip, and everyone needs to put it on their schedule.

Charms Of Musical Steps At Airavateswara Temple In Darasuram

What is the significance of Nandi Mandapa in the Airavateswara temple?

This particular temple, like all others that are devoted to Lord Shiva, included a modest shrine that was dedicated to Nandi, who served as both his guardian and his chariot. To reach the shrine, people need to descend a flight or two of stairs. This Nandi shrine is much different from the one at Thanjavur; it is a lot simpler and smaller little construction, and it is located just behind the Nandi mandapam.

The name “Balipeetham” refers to this building that has a few steps leading up to it. In the temple of Airavatesvara, this structure serves as the place of sacrifice.

Charms Of Musical Steps At Airavateswara Temple In Darasuram

There is a direct correlation between the seven steps of this balustrade staircase and the seven musical notes. It is stated that the melodic tones might be generated by either strolling up and down the stairs or even rapping on them. They allowed for demonstrations to take place a number of years ago. However, as a result of vandalism, they are not confined inside cages and are free to roam.

It is stated that the stone sculptures each had their own unique science to the stones that they used. They were able to compose songs using a variety of stones by combining them in certain ways. This whole body of knowledge is referred to as Shilpa Shastra, but unfortunately, through the course of time, this ancient information has been lost to the rest of the world. It should come as no surprise that the British were unable in solving the riddle of this stone property despite their best efforts to solve it by dissecting the musical pillars of Hampi.

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