Belur Chenna Keshava Temple History And Significance

Know the details about Belur Chenna Keshava Temple History And Significance, Belur Chenna Keshava Swamy temple history and importance,  Belur Chhenna Keshava Swamy Temple location route map guide

In the city of Belur in the state of Karnataka is an ancient building that has been given the name Sri Chennakesava Temple. The Belur Bus Station may be reached by foot in around half a kilometer from the shrine. Due to the fact that it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the temple is one of the attractions that visitors should make sure to check out. See below to get the details about Belur Chenna Keshava Temple History And Significance

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Belur Chenna Keshava Temple History And Significance

What is the history of Belur Chenna Keshava Swamy Temple?

Velapuri was the previous name for the little town that is today known as Belur, which is located on the banks of the Yagachi River. After the Hoysalas’ city of Dwarasamudra (also known as Halebid) was sacked and destroyed by the Sultans of Delhi, the Hoysalas decided to make Delhi their new capital. During the middle of the 13th century, this area was governed by the Hoysalas.

The Sri Chennakeshava Swamy Temple can be found along the Yagachi River, about 38 kilometers away from Belur Hassan. It is a place that attracts tourists from all over the globe. The city of Belur served as the capital of the Hoysala empire in the past.

Throughout the course of the stories, Velapur is also referred to by the names Velur and Belhur. The Sri Chennakeshava Swamy Temple is responsible for most of the city’s notoriety. It is considered to be one of the most outstanding specimens of Hoysala craftsmanship. In honor of the great Hoysala monarch Vishnuvardhana’s triumph against the Cholas in the year 1116 A.D., the temple, which was also known as Vijaya Narayana, was sanctified and dedicated by Vishnuvardhana.

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Belur Chenna Keshava Temple History And Significance

What is the best time to visit Belur Chenna Keshava Swamy Temple?

To accommodate travelers’ schedules, this temple is open throughout the year. However, the months of October through March are considered to be the ideal time to go here. This temple may be explored, admired for its beauty, and the Lord’s blessings sought in a span of time that does not exceed three hours. During such times, it is not difficult for tourists to visit the temple.

How to reach Belur Chenna Keshava Swamy Temple?

By Plane:

By Air, There is not an airport located in Hassan. However, Bangalore is the location of the airport that is closest to the temple. From there, passengers may catch flights to other major cities within India as well as other countries.

By Train:

Traveling to Hassan from Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Shimoga, or Mangalore is easy because of the city’s excellent rail connections. This location is around 38 kilometers away from Hassan by road.

By Road:

From Hassan, there are tourist taxis and regular bus routes accessible to passengers.

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