Annavaram Temple Vratham Ticket price Timings Today

Know the details about Annavaram Temple Vratham Ticket price Timings Today, Annavaram temple Satyanarayana vratham timings, Tickets, and Contact Number Here.

Annavaram Temple Vratham Ticket price Timings Today, One of the most well-known temples in India is located in the city of Annavaram and is dedicated to the deity Satyanarayana Swamy. It is situated on the highest point of the hill in Kakinada, which is located in Andhra Pradesh. Lord Satyadev and the goddess Sri Anantha Lakshmi, Satyadev’s consort and life partner, are the presiding deities of this temple. See below to get the details about the Annavaram Temple Vratham Ticket price Timings Today

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Annavaram Temple Vratham Ticket price Timings Today And Details:

Annavaram temple daily opens in the morning at 6.00 AM and closes at night at 9.00 PM. Devotees are allowed to do the darshan of the main deity from morning 7.00 AM.

The Agni Purana and Hindu mythology both state that the Prakriti of a temple is the manifestation of its Prakriti. The theory was formed in ancient literature, and the Slipasastra is built on the premise that these scriptures describe.

The wall of the temple and the Vimana, which should be built to resemble the cosmos, should be designed to serve as a constant reminder to the devotee, while the ultimate spirit should be symbolized by the deity that is housed inside the temple.

According to these writings, the chariot is said to be a representation of both the seven lokas that lie under it and the seven lokas that lie above it, together with the garbhalaya of the Lord, who is considered to be the ruler of the hearts and center of the whole world.

Annavaram Temple Vratham Ticket price Timings Today And Phone Number:

Annavaram Temple’s contact number is 08868-238121,238125,238163.

These concepts have guided the construction of the Annavaram Temple, which was just completed. The chariot is shown on the front side of the temple, the Meru is located on the floor, and the pillar is located in the middle. The idols at Tope are built to symbolize the concept that although God is at the center of everything, his presence can also be found everywhere else in the cosmos.

The wheels represent both the Sun and the Moon, and their purpose is to serve as a reminder to us that the Juggernaut travels entirely on the wheels of time and that this cycle will continue indefinitely. The devotees’ adherence to ritual and their need for spiritual enlightenment are both appeased by the Annavaram temple.

On the northern side of the temple’s enclosure is a dial that displays Indian standard time, which may be determined with little effort. A Mandapam is built all the way around the main temple, as well as a Kalyana mandapam on the lower level. These mandapams give enough room for about one thousand Satyanarayan Vrathams to be performed at the same time; on the side of Ramalya, only 500 Vrathams may be performed.

Annavaram Temple Vratham Ticket price Timings Today and Significance:

On the day known as Ekadashi, devotees follow a particular ritual to complete the Sathya Narayan Vratham. After paying reverence to Lord Ganesha and the other Navagrahas, the picture of the god is next positioned on a site that has been well-cleaned.

Chants, flowers, and prasadam, which consists of fruits, sweet wheat flour, and sweets, are presented to the god to please the Lord. Furthermore, the deity receives appeasement. After then, the narrative is told, and then Aarti is done at the conclusion. After the conclusion of the prayer, an Aratika, which consists of a single candle, is lit next to the idol. After the pooja, the devotees partake of the prasadam that has been prepared.

This Vratham will be conducted every day from six in the morning to five in the afternoon. The online ticket is available in unlimited quantities. After a pause of half an hour, the batch will begin. Pooja begins at 6:00 am, and depending on the size of the congregation, the next batch begins at 6:30 am. This pooja will be done in intervals starting at six in the morning and ending at five in the afternoon. Vratham begins at 2 in the morning during the Kartheeka Masam month as well as during other fortunate months (during the Heavy Marriage season).

If you pre-booked your tickets online, you may just bring the printout with you to the event and present it at the location specified on the ticket. Clear indications to Mantap depending on the price of the ticket are put where they should be. If you want to buy a ticket at the ticket counter, you must do it at least 15 minutes before the performance. The hours when the ticket desk is open are from 5:30 am to 4:30 pm.
The Vratham Set should be purchased by the devotees from one of the stores located within the temple.

This consists of five coconuts, a bouquet, a half dozen bananas, a single shirt piece, and some betel leaves. The price range for the Vratham Set is from Rs. 180 to Rs. 500. Pooja Mantap is where you should report after you have purchased the Vratham Set.

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