Ananthapura Lake Temple History Darshan Timings

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The Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple, also known as the Ananthapura Lake Temple, is a Hindu temple that was constructed in the midst of a lake in the small hamlet of Ananthapura. This village is located around 6 kilometers away from the town of Kumbla in the Manjeshwaram Taluk in the Kasaragod District of Kerala, South India. It is claimed that Ananthapadmanabha Swami had his first seat (Moolasthanam) at this temple, which is located on a lake and is the only one of its kind in Kerala. See below to get the details about Ananthapura Lake Temple History Darshan Timings

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Ananthapura Lake Temple History Darshan Timings

The history of the temple is still mostly unknown, with the exception of a few stories. It was here that the famous Tulu Brahmin sage Divakara Muni Vilwamangalam conducted penance and performed poojas at this location. There is a story that tells of how one day, Lord Narayana will come before him in the form of a kid.

The sage felt powerless in the face of the boy’s overwhelming brilliance, which was emanating from his face. He started to feel uneasy and questioned who the man was. The youngster answered that he had no father no mother and none at home. Because Vilwamangalam felt sorry for the young boy, he gave him permission to stay there.

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Ananthapura Lake Temple History Darshan Timings And Details:

Ananthapura Lake Temple daily opens in the morning at 5.30 AM and closes at night at 7.30 PM

The young man recommended the following requirement: Whenever he is made to feel ashamed, he must immediately depart from the location. He was the wise man’s servant for some time. But very quickly, the wise man’s tolerance for the boy’s childish antics wore thin, and he responded angrily. After announcing that in order for Vilwamangalam to see him, he would need to go to Ananthankat, the woodland of the snake deity Anantha, the little boy quickly left the area after feeling humiliated.

After quickly coming to the conclusion that the youngster was in fact the lord himself, Vilwamangalam felt a deep sense of regret. He spotted a cave in the location where the youngster had vanished, and he continued to explore the cave in an effort to locate the boy. After making it to the ocean, he continued his journey towards the south and, at long last, found himself in a forested region close to the water.

Vilwamangalam saw the infant before the youngster vanished inside the enormous Illippa tree, also known as the Indian butter tree or the Mahua tree. The tree promptly collapsed and took the form of Lord Vishnu dozing on a thousand-headed snake as soon as it hit the ground.

Ananthapura Lake Temple History Darshan Timings And Contact Number:

Approximately 2 acres are taken up by the lake that serves as the setting for the sanctum sanctorum. A cave that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the lake is an intriguing location that should be remembered when touring the temple. According to the myth that has been passed down through the generations, the god Anantha Padmanabha traveled through the cave on his journey to Thiruvananthapuram.

Consequently, despite being located at opposite ends of the region, the two locations have names that are very similar to one another. Despite the fact that the tantric comes from the Shivalli Brahmin community, the current priests come from the Havyaka Brahmin community. Ananthapura Lake Temple’s official contact number is 91 471 2321132.

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