Alangudi Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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In the little hamlet of Alangudi, which is located in the Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu, there is an old temple known as the Dakshinamurthy temple. Additionally well-known by its other name, the Arulmigu Abathsagayeswarar temple. The primary worship here is directed toward Lord Shiva. A separate shrine has been prepared for the particular deity known as Sri Dakshinamurthi. See below to get the details about Alangudi Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

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Alangudi Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

What are the timings of the Alangudi Temple?

Alangudi Temple opens in the morning at 5:30 AM and closes at 9:30 PM.

Known as the Alangudi. Jupiter is worshipped in Alangudi, which is known as the “Guru Stalam” that is dedicated to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is also known as Lord Guru Bhagavan or Lord Dakshinamurthy.

It is stated that the goddess Elavarkuzhali Ammai or the goddess Umayammai is the spouse of the deity Abathsahayeswarar, who presides over this area. Lord Ganesha or Vinayagar, who is also known as “Sri Kalangamar Katha Vinayagar” at this location, together with his consorts, Lord Murugan (Subramanyam), and Goddess Lakshmi are the other gods.

Alangudi is surrounded on all sides by three holy rivers that flow through it. These three rivers are known by their respective names: Cauvery, Kolidam, and Vennaru. There are fifteen theerthams that surround the temple I. The Amrita Pushkarani is the theertham that is the most well-known, and it is the only one that completely encircles the temple. The Chakra Theertham may be found in the courtyard in front of the temple. It is said that Maha Vishnu’s Chakra (Disc) was the one who was responsible for the formation of this particular theertham.

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Alangudi Temple Opening Closing Timings Today

Two of the temple’s closed precincts, known as prakarams, surround the temple’s five-tiered rajagopuram, which is also surrounded by the temple’s two prakarams. The Poolai Shrub is revered as the holiest of trees in this Sthalam; hence, it serves as a significant focal point for devotional activities in this location.

One of the “Navagrahas” is referred to as “Lord Guru” or “Lord Dakshinamurthy,” and this term is associated with the planet Jupiter. One of the “Navagrahas” is referred to as “Lord Brahma.” Copper plates will be used to construct the covering for Nandi’s Balipeeta, since this is the typical material for such a covering. In addition, many worshippers who come to this location are of the opinion that “Amudogar,” a follower of Lord Shiva, was the one who built this temple. This is a popular belief among those who come here.

In addition to that, he served as a minister under the rule of King Masukuntha Chakravarti during a portion of that king’s tenure. In addition, the temple has shrines that are dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Murugan, and Lakshmi, as well as Sapthalingas, Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi, and Sage Agasthya. Some of the other deities honored inside the temple are Sapthalingas. Along the path that goes into the sanctuary, you may see little shrines tucked away here and there.




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