2024 Ugadi Date Puja Timings Telugu Name

Know the details about the 2024 Ugadi Date Puja Timings Telugu Name, Puja Timings, Significance of Ugadi Pachadi, Panchanga Sravanam Timings, Telugu Ugadi 60 Names List, and More.

Ugadi 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Ugadi, also known as Yugadi, is the New Year’s Day for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka in India. This festival holds immense significance in these regions, celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy. This guide provides detailed information about the 2024 Ugadi date, puja timings, the significance of Ugadi Pachadi, Panchanga Sravanam timings, the list of Telugu Ugadi 60 names, and the ways to celebrate this festival at home.

2024 Ugadi Date and Puja Timings

In 2024, Ugadi will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 9. The exact puja timings may vary based on regional customs and traditions. It is generally recommended to perform the puja in the morning hours after taking a bath and cleaning the house.

Significance of Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi Pachadi is a traditional dish prepared and consumed on this day, symbolizing the essence of life. The dish has six different tastes, each representing an emotion or phase of life: sweetness (happiness), sourness (discontentment), bitterness (sorrow), saltiness (fear), spiciness (anger), and tanginess (surprise). Consuming this dish on Ugadi signifies that one must accept all phases of life equally.

Panchanga Sravanam Timings

Panchanga Sravanam is a significant ritual performed on Ugadi, where the yearly forecast (Panchang) is read out by the priests. This includes predictions about rains, crops, political events, natural calamities, and individual horoscopes. The exact timings of Panchanga Sravanam can vary, but it usually takes place after the main Ugadi puja.

Telugu Ugadi 60 Names List

The Telugu Ugadi 60 names list refers to the 60-year cycle used in the Indian solar calendar. Each year has a unique name; the name for Ugadi 2024 is ‘Krodhinama Samvatsaram’.

  1. Prabhava
  2. Vibhava
  3. Shukla
  4. Pramodoota
  5. Prajotpati
  6. Aangirasa
  7. Srimukha
  8. Bhava
  9. Yuva
  10. Dhaatu
  11. Eeswara
  12. Bahudhanya
  13. Pramadi
  14. Vikrama
  15. Vrusha
  16. Chitrabhanu
  17. Swabhanu
  18. Tarana
  19. Paarthiva
  20. Vyaya
  21. Sarvajit
  22. Sarvadhari
  23. Virodhi
  24. Vikruti
  25. Khara
  26. Nandana
  27. Vijaya
  28. Jaya
  29. Manmadha
  30. Durmukhi
  31. Hevilambi
  32. Vilambi
  33. Vikari
  34. Sharvari
  35. Plava
  36. Subhakrit
  37. Sobhakrit
  38. Krodhi
  39. Viswavasu
  40. Parabhava
  41. Plavanga
  42. Kilaka
  43. Saumya
  44. Sadharana
  45. Virodhikrit
  46. Paridhavi
  47. Pramadicha
  48. Ananda
  49. Rakshasa
  50. Nala
  51. Pingala
  52. Kalayukti
  53. Siddharthi
  54. Roudri
  55. Durmati
  56. Dundubhi
  57. Rudhirodgari
  58. Raktakshi
  59. Krodhana
  60. Akshaya

Ugadi Pooja Celebrations at Home: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Cleaning the House: The celebration begins with cleaning the house and decorating the entrance with fresh mango leaves.
  2. Setting Up the Altar: Set up an altar with idols or pictures of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Adorn the idols with flowers, turmeric, and kumkum.
  3. Performing the Puja: Light a lamp and incense sticks. Offer prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi by reciting mantras and singing devotional songs.
  4. Preparing and Offering Ugadi Pachadi: Prepare the traditional Ugadi Pachadi and offer it to the deities.
  5. Listening to Panchanga Sravanam: Listen to the yearly forecast as read out by a priest or an elder family member.
  6. Sharing Ugadi Pachadi: After the puja, share the Ugadi Pachadi with all family members.


Q: What is the significance of Ugadi Pachadi? A: Ugadi Pachadi holds immense significance as it represents the six emotions or phases of life. Consuming it symbolizes the acceptance of all aspects of life.

Q: What is Panchanga Sravanam? A: Panchanga Sravanam is the reading of the yearly forecast, including predictions about rains, crops, political events, natural calamities, and individual horoscopes.

Q: How is Ugadi celebrated at home? A: Ugadi is celebrated at home by cleaning the house, setting up an altar, performing puja, preparing and offering Ugadi Pachadi, listening to Panchanga Sravanam, and sharing the Pachadi with family members.

In conclusion, Ugadi is a festival that marks the beginning of a new year and brings with it a sense of renewal and fresh start. Celebrating this auspicious occasion brings prosperity, happiness, and good health. This is the brief informationa bout the 2024 Ugadi Date Puja Timings Telugu Name in detail.

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