2023 Mangala Gowri Vratham Dates Pooja Procedure

Know the details about 2023 Mangala Gowri Vratham Dates Pooja Procedure, 2023 Mangala Gowri Vrathham pooja Vidhanam, 2023 Mangala Gowri Vratham procedure and importance

During the month of Shravana, married women perform a Vrata known as Mangala Gowri Puja, sometimes known simply as Mangala Gowri Puja. It is done in the hopes of having a happy married life and of the spouse living a long and healthy life. In the month of Shravan, the celebration takes place on Tuesdays. During the first five years of their marriage, newlywed ladies are expected to do the Mangala Gouri Pooja. SeeĀ  below to get the details about 2023 Mangala Gowri Vratham Dates Pooja Procedure

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2023 Mangala Gowri Vratham Dates Pooja Procedure

What are the dates of Mangala Gowri Pooja in the year 2023?

Mangala Gowri Vratham will be observed every Tuesday in the month of Shravana.

What is the pooja procedure of Mangala Gowri Vratham?

  • Mangala Gowri Vratham is one of the most sacred Vratham performed by the women in the month of Shravana.
  • Mangala Gowri Vratham is mainly performed by married women.
  • Married women should perform Mangala Gowri Vratham for 5 years after marriage.
  • Gowri Devi is the main idol honored in the festival of Mangala Gowri
  • During the Mangala Gowri Festival, women will prepare the idol of Mangala Gowri with turmeric.
  • After preparing the idol, it is placed in the pooja mandap.
  • In some other regions, Mangala Gowri Pooja will be performed by placing the Kalash.
  • Kalash will be decorated with a saree and many other ornaments.
  • In some other regions turmeric idol of the Mangala Gowri Goddess is placed in pooja mandap and is decorated with flowers and fruits.
  • At the start of the pooja, The idol of the goddess should be placed in the pooja mandap and Anushthana pooja should be done.
  • At first, Ganesha Pooja will be performed before the pooja.
  • After that Mangala Gowri pooja will be started by decorating the Goddess with Turmeric, Kumkum, and Chandan powder.
  • Later flowers will be offered to the goddess and decorated with flowers nicely.
  • After that Naivedhyam will be offered to the goddess and the Aarti ritual is performed.
  • After that Prasadam will be distributed to all the family members.
  • After that sacred thread of 5 knots will be tied on the hand of the women who performed pooja.

2023 Mangala Gowri Vratham Dates Pooja Procedure

How to do Mangala Gowri Vratha Udyapana?

It is recommended that the practice of Udyapan be carried out after the observance of this fast on the Tuesday of the Sawan or Shravan month. On the day of Udyapan, the devotees are not permitted to consume anything by mouth. Only a highly trained and experienced Panditji should do the Udyapan Puja.

On the day of Udyapan, a statue of Mata Parvati or Mangala Gauri should be placed on a platform in the area designated for the puja. In addition, the Suhag Samagri should be kept close to the puja location where the devotion will take place. After the devotees have broken their fast, the Mangla Gauri Vrat Katha should either be recited aloud or listened to, and then they should seek the blessings of the sages.

Mangla Gauri Vrat 2023 should be observed, and the puja procedure outlined above should be followed, in order to get the blessings of the Lord and to have all of one’s desires come true.


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