Vijayawada 2023 Devi Navaratri Starting Ending Dates Schedule

Know the details about Vijayawada 2023 Devi Navaratri Starting Ending Dates Schedule, 2023 Vijayawada Kanka Durgamma Devi Navaratri details, Vijayawada Devi Navaratri 2023 details

A well-known temple that is devoted to the goddess Durga may be found at the Kanaka Durga Temple. This remarkable piece of architecture, which was constructed in the Dravidian style, can be found in the Vijayawada region of Andhra Pradesh. The hills of Inrakeeladri completely around the temple, which is located directly on the banks of the Krishna River. See below to get the details about Vijayawada 2023 Devi Navaratri Starting Ending Dates Schedule

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Vijayawada 2023 Devi Navaratri Starting Ending Dates Schedule

Due to the fact that this temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga, the festival of Navratri, which lasts for nine days, is celebrated here with a great deal of passion and mirth. The event lasts for a total of nine days. The festival’s tenth day, also known as Dussehra, is without a doubt the most significant day of the celebration.

Celebrations are held here on a yearly basis, and in the event that Her Holiness will bestow her graces upon them, hundreds of pilgrims go here to take part in the festivities. Because of the upbeat and optimistic spirit that they emit, the cheerful events that take place during this time of year have the power to provide you with a sense of being closer to God.

Vijayawada 2023 Devi Navaratri Starting Ending Dates Schedule

In the city’s ancient quarter, on a little, insignificant hill called Indrakeeladri, you’ll find the Kanaka Durgamma temple. It is a common urban legend that Durgamma’s parents made their home in the Peepal tree that is located in the neighborhood outside the 1 Town Police Station.

The area surrounding the peepal tree at the 1 Town Police Station is beautifully decorated the day before the Dussehra celebrations that are scheduled to take place at the temple. These celebrations are in preparation for the festival of Dussehra. The police officials are now in the process of transporting the idol of Durgamma which is currently situated inside the peepal tree to the Kanaka Durgamma temple.

The idol may be found currently within the peepal tree. After that, the officials of the police department of that one town bestow upon Kanaka Durgamma a silk sari (also known as Pattu cheera), vermilion (also known as kumkuma), turmeric powder (also known as pasupu), and a number of other items.

Vijayawada 2023 Devi Navaratri Starting Ending Dates Schedule

At Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple, the Dasara Navaratri celebration will start on the first day of the Navaratri which is from October 15, 2023.

The god that resides in the temple is known as Swayambhu, which means “self-manifested,” and is regarded as having a great deal of power. The four-foot-tall picture of the god that stands in the middle sanctuary of the temple is decked up with glistening jewelry and vibrant flowers.

The goddess is shown as having eight arms, each of which is clutching a powerful weapon, while she stands atop the demonic figure Mahishasura. Inscriptions from a number of various dynasties may be discovered inside the temple, despite the fact that the temple’s precise beginnings are uncertain. There is a legend that Adi Sankara paid this temple a visit and put the Sri Chakra in place here.



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