Tirumala Temple TTD Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam Dates and Timings

Know the latest update regarding Tirumala Temple TTD Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam Dates and Timings, Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy here.

The name Koil Alwar means “Holy Shrine” in Arabic. Alwar means “Devotee” in Arabic. Tirumanjanam, which means “Cleaning with Fragrant Ingredients,” is the direct translation. To clean the sanctum santorum and the rest of the temple grounds, devotees perform the Koil Tirumanjanam rite. The “Mula Virat” is covered with a waterproof covering while all of the gods and other relics are removed from the sanctum santorum and cleansed during the ceremony.

The entire Garbha Gruham, including the floors, walls, ceilings, sub-shrines inside the sanctum, and the puja items, are washed with water before being covered in a disinfectant called Tirumanjanam, a concoction of camphor, sandal paste, saffron, turmeric, Kicchili Gadda (a root vegetable), and other ingredients.

An aromatic substance called Parimalam will be sprayed all over the temple, sub-temples inside Tirumala Temple, puja utensils, roofs, walls, and ceilings to purify them. This mixture serves as a disinfectant, and the celebration will take place between 6 and 9 in the morning.

The Mula Murthi will be veiled in a white cloth while the purification ritual is taking place. The veil is taken off when the temple has been thoroughly cleaned, and the Archakas will perform any last rituals and pujas to the presiding god.

It normally takes 3 to 4 hours to clean a temple. Tuesday will be dedicated to temple cleaning. Darshan services will be resumed after the temple has been cleaned. Following the special pujas that day, worshippers would be able to see Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

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Tirumala Temple’s Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam Its Importance and Duration :

  • Timings for Thirumanjanam Seva: 6 am to 9 am
  • Tuesday right before the festival: Seva Day.
  • The TTD staff will carry out this activity the general public cannot participate. There will therefore be no ticketing for this Seva.
  • It will be held for Ugadi, Anivara Asthanam, Annual Brahmotsavam, and Vaikunta Ekadasi four times a year.

Impact on Darshan /VIP Break Darshan will be stopped:

  • Following Thirumanjanam Seva, Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan (not currently available), and Rs. 300 Darshan shall resume.
  • Arjitha Sevas in the morning session will be cancelled because she cannot physically attend.
  • On this unique occasion, Arjitha Sevas like Kalyanotsavam, Visesha Pooja, and Unjal Seva may be cancelled.
  • Darshan for Rs. 300 tokens and Sarva Darshan may begin at 11:00 am.
  • In the early morning hours, Senior Citizen Darshan (not available today) can be cancelled.


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