Tiruchendur Temple Soorasamharam Festival 2023 Date Timings

Know the details about Tiruchendur Temple Soorasamharam Festival 2023 Date Timings, Tiruchendur Soorsamharam 2023 date and timings, Tiruchendur temple location route map

At the Chenthilandavar Temple in Tiruchendur, you may learn about the ancient Hindu worship that took place there. This place of worship is dedicated to the god Murugan. It is the second of the six abodes of Murugan, also known as Arupadaiveedugal, and it may be found in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is the fourth Hindu temple to be built in the state of Tamil Nadu. See below to get the details about Tiruchendur Temple Soorasamharam Festival 2023 Date Timings

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Tiruchendur Temple Soorasamharam Festival 2023 Date Timings

As the last day of the joyous Skanda Sashti fasting period, Soorasamharam is a joyous occasion to celebrate. Skanda Sashti is considered to be one of the most significant festivals celebrated by Tamil Hindus, and on this particular day, worship of Lord Murugan takes place. Fasting during the Skanda Sashti festival takes place during the ‘Karthika’ masam of the Tamil calendar.

Devotees start their fast on the first day of the Karthika lunar month, which is referred to as ‘Pirathamai,’ and the fasting comes to a conclusion on the sixth day, which is commonly known as Soorasamharam day. The last and most significant day of these celebrations which lasts for six days is called Soorasamharam.

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Tiruchendur Temple Soorasamharam Festival 2023 Date Timings

In the year 2023, the Soorasamharam festival in the Tiruchendur Temple takes place on November 18, 2023.

On the day of Soorasamharam, followers of Murugan celebrate the victory of good over evil. It is said that Lord Murugan used his ‘Vel’ to vanquish a demon by the name of Surapadma. This heavenly deed is referred to as Soorasamharam. Legends have it that Lord Murugan did this.

Devotees of the Tamil religion mark this day with great reverence and worship Lord Murugan for his role in reestablishing Dharma and freeing the world from all forms of evil. The day following Soorasamharam is celebrated as “Thirukalyanam,” which is the day when the holy marriage ritual of Lord Murugan and Devasena took place.

This day is also commemorated as the day when ‘Thirukalyanam’ is observed. The festival of Soorasamharam is observed with great zeal at temples dedicated to Lord Murugan, the majority of which are located in the southern region of India. The celebrations that take place at the Tiruchendur Murugan Temple are the most magnificent and noteworthy of them.

Tiruchendur Temple Soorasamharam Festival 2023 Date Timings

For Tamil people, the place known as Soorasamharam has a significant religious meaning. Scriptures from the Hindu religion, such as the “Skanda Purana,” make reference to the significance of today. According to the accounts found in Hindu mythology, Surapadma, and other demons collaborated to overthrow the gods known as the Devas and take control of the earth.

After that, they began to disseminate Adhrama across the world. As the leader of the gods, Lord Murugan, who is the son of Lord Shiva and the goddess Parvati, stepped forward to put a stop to this conflict. The conflict between Lord Murugan and Surapadma lasted for six days, and on the seventh and last day, Lord Murugan used his ‘Vel’ to end the conflict by killing Surapadma.

Since that time, people have begun to refer to this occurrence by the name “Soorasamharam.” The festivities of the day symbolize the eradication of all forms of evil.


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