Thiruparankundram Temple Rooms Cost Online Booking

Know the details about Thiruparankundram Temple Rooms Cost Online Booking, Thiruparankundram Devasthanam Rooms booking

One of the Arupadai Veedu, also known as the battle halls of Lord Muruga, is called Thiruparankunram. It is located around 8 km away from Madurai City. It is a temple carved into the rock that was constructed in the sixth century by Pandya Kings. The architecture of this Temple is arranged in a seven-tiered structure. As Lord Muguga in his wedding form, the deity bestows his favor on his devoted followers while seated beside his spouse. See below to get the details about Thiruparankundram Temple Rooms cost Online Booking

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Thiruparankundram Temple Rooms Cost Online Booking

Within the Hindu pantheon, Lord Muruga is considered to be of great significance. There are colossal temples in Tamilnadu that are devoted to Lord Muruga, but the most important ones are the “Arupadai Veedu Temples,” which literally mean “the six forts of Lord Muruga.” The relationship between Tamil and Lord Muruga may be traced back to a time before the Vedic period.

This is the sacred sanctuary where Lord Muruga slew the demon Surapadman and wed the divine daughter of the king of heaven, Deivayanai. It is one of the most famous temples in South India, and it welcomes a large number of visitors every day, blessing them with their divine favor.

Thiruparankundram Temple Rooms Cost Online Booking

In this temple, the Peacock, the Mouse, the Nandi, the Garuda, the Sheep, and the Elephant, which are the respective Vahanas (vehicles) of Lord Muruga, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Ganesha, are all positioned next to one another.

The “Vel,” which was a more powerful weapon and which assisted the Lord in destroying the demon, has a lot of weight because of its role in the battle. On the Vel, a special Abishegam ritual, also known as a hydration ceremony, is carried out.

Thiruparankundram Temple Rooms Cost Online Booking

Thiruparankundram Temple daily opens in the morning at the same time which is at 5.30 AM, and devotees are allowed to do the darshan of the deity from morning 6.00 AM. Everyday timings of the temple remain constant but on the days of festivals and on some special days timings of the temple are slightly changed.

Before visiting the temple, people have to know about the festivals and events that are celebrated in the temple to know the timings of the temple. Basically, this temple is less crowded on working days, but on festivals, weekends, and any other festivals that are related to Lord Murugan, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Shiva, the temple will get crowded heavily. To avoid the inconvenience at that time people have to plan their trip to the temple in advance.

Thiruparankundram Temple Rooms Cost Online Booking

  • There is no online booking facility in the Thiruparankundram temple.
  • People have to book rooms offline, after visiting the temple.
  • After visiting the temple, people have to inquire about temple rooms and if there are any vacancies, people can occupy the room.
  • If there are no vacancies in the temple rooms then there are various lodges and hotels situated around the temple.
  • People can hire a room from nearby lodges and can stay there.
  • Room cost will be based on type of the room and time occupied.

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