Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum Entry Fee Timings Location

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The Royal Palace of Thanjavur is regarded as one of the most important tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu since it is home to a vast collection of artifacts from bygone eras, such as paintings and sculptures from the Pallava, Chola, Pandiya, and Nayaka dynasties. It is also known by the name “Aranmanai,” and you may hear it referred to as the Maratha Palace Complex at times. See below to get the details about Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum Entry Fee Timings Location

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Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum Entry Fee Timings Location

The Nayakas were the ones who first built the palace, but the Marathas were the ones who eventually took control of it. The complex palace is comprised of several different parts, and it is well worth one’s time to explore each part.

One of the older museums in the city, the Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum is home to artwork, photographs, paintings, and sculptures that date back to the town’s history. The fact that this museum provides comprehensive information on the former era is the most significant aspect of it. The paintings from the ancient Chola era, the sculptures and statues from the Pallava dynasty and the Chola dynasty, and the statues of the Pallava dynasty all contribute to the place’s richness and significance.

Thanjavur is a significant travel destination that welcomes tens of thousands of vacationers every single year. The enormous collection of antiquities, pictures, paintings, and other works of art that may be found at the museum is illustrative of the diverse cultural background. The museum is decorated with sculptures and idols that were found in ancient temples such as the Brihadeshwara Temple and the Gangaikondacholapuram Temple. These items provide visitors to the museum with a sense of what life was like in the past.

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Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum Entry Fee Timings Location

Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum will be open from Monday to Saturday from morning 9.00 AM to evening 6.00 PM.

In addition to the work done in stone, there are sculptures made in bronze. Idols of Hindu gods and goddesses, as well as metal sculptures from the Chola and Nayak dynasties and other ancient dynasties, offer visitors a sense of the religious atmosphere that prevailed in the region in times gone by.

The most interesting things to see at the museum are the old works of art and the glass paintings. An unusual representation of a Hindu deity, “Bhikshatanamurti” depicts the god Shiva in one of his other forms, that of a beggar. It is often known as “Shiva.” In the museum, visitors will be able to witness a picture of Shiva and Parvati shown during the period of their wedding. In addition to these primary representations, there are other statues, paintings, and sculptures of several Hindu deities and goddesses.

The only statues that can be found in the gallery of sculptures are those that date back to the Pallava, Chola, Nayak, and Pandya eras. There are photos that are often seen in households that portray daily life for the average person throughout that time period. They provide a picture of society as it was during that time period. This museum has exhibits on the society of the time period as well as the interiors of homes from that period.

Thanjavur Royal Palace Museum Entry Fee Timings Location

Thanjavur Royal Palace Entry fee: Rs 5o per head, and carrying cameras will cost an extra amount of Rs 30.

The history of Thanjavur’s art and craftsmanship can be seen in the city’s beautiful timberwork and intricately carved wooden furniture. The vibrant paintings, the intricate jewelry, the elaborate clothes, and other artifacts that depict the lifestyle of the people who lived during that time period are on show for the guests.

Because of its convenient location in the city’s middle, the Royal Palace Museum in Thanjavur may be reached by visitors using any kind of public transportation.



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