Telugu Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam 2023-24 Online PDF

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According to the Sananthana Dharma and Hindu rituals, Panchangam plays a very prominent role. Panchangam is a book where muhurthams related to every day of the particular year are mentioned clearly. There are various Telugu panchangams designed and published by multiple authors. Even ordinary people can make use of Panchangams on their own. Every year new Panchangam will be released on the day of Ugadi. Ugadi festival is mainly celebrated in the states of Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, etc. So this new Panchangam of that particular year will be released on the day of the Ugadi and Panchanga Sravanam will be performed in the evening of the festival. Check below to get detailed information about Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam for the year 2023-24 in Telugu.

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Telugu Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam 2023-24 Online PDF

  • Nemani Vari Telugu Gantala Panchangam is published every year on the day of Ugadi. Nemani Vari Telugu Panchangam is very famous in Telugu states and one of the most used Panchangams to see the auspicious dates and Muhurtas.
  • Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam is easily available offline in many bookstores. In Telugu states, Panchangam is available everywhere in bookshops.
  •  Nemani Vari Gantala Panchangam’s price varies from Rs 50- Rs 100, based on the type of Panchangam chosen by the people.
  • In some Panchangam people can see only Tithi and Nakshatra each day, and in another type of panchangam auspicious Muhutras for functions like marriages, and any other important events are seen.
  • Panchangam is also called Panchang, Panchanga, based on the regions.
  • People can also search for various information like important days and timings for performing various events like marriages, Gruhapraveshas, Upanayanam, and many other events.
  • People can also get the Neamani Vari Gantala Panchangam online through amazon or other social apps.

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