Tamil Aani Month 2023 Starting Ending Dates Festivals

Know the details about Tamil Aani Month 2023 Starting Ending Dates Festivals, Aani Masam starting dates 2023, 2023 Aani Masam in Tamil dates

The traditional Tamil calendar is now on the third month, which is known as Aani Masam. The first day of Aani Masam will occur on June 16 in the year 2023. The third month, known as Aani Masam, often starts in the warmer months of the year. The majority of the Aani Masam will be performed during the course of the summer season. In the year 2023, the Aani Masam festival will be held from the 16th of June till the 16th of July. See below to get the details about Tamil Aani Month Starting Ending Dates 2023.

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Tamil Aani Month 2023 Starting Ending Dates Festivals Details:

In the year 2023, Aani Masam will be observed from June 16 to July 16, 2023

In the month of Aani in the Tamil calendar, the Sun is supposed to enter the constellation Mithuna, which is considered to be its “own house.” This event lends importance to the month of Aani. It is during this month that the Sun is believed to be at its most exalted position, which is its most elevated position. It is believed that the Uthram star is the most compatible with the Sun.

Tirumanjanam is a Tamil word that literally translates to “holy bath” or “abhishekam.” At Chidambaram, on this very day, a very unique abhishekam, or bathing ceremony, will be held for Lord Nataraja. This is regarded as a very fortunate event.

Tamil Aani Month 2023 Starting Ending Dates Festivals and Significance

Significance of Aani Thirumanjanam:

The five primary roles that Lord Shiva plays in the universe are creation, preservation, destruction, concealment, and salvation, and the form of Lord Shiva known as Nataraja represents these roles. The raised right arm with an open palm (known as an abhaya hasta) is a symbol of protection, and the rattle (known as an udukkai) that he holds in his right hand represents creation.

The destructive role of his left hand, which is holding the fire, is shown here. The Lord’s leg that is elevated in the air symbolizes redemption, while the foot that is firmly planted on the ground denotes concealment.

Lord Nataraja will be honored with a number of unique ceremonies and processions. In modern times, the ritual of abhishekam is carried out in every temple that has an idol of Lord Nataraja.

People have the belief that if an abhishekam is done on Lord Nataraja or Lord Shiva on this day, then the negative consequences that are brought on by the Sun being in an unfavorable position in one’s horoscope would be eliminated. This belief stems from the fact that people think that Abhishekam may be conducted at any time of the year. On the day of Arudra darshanam, Lord Nataraja’s abhishekam is also considered to be a very fortunate event.

Tamil Aani Month 2023 Starting Ending Dates Festivals in Detail

When Earth travels around the sun once, it takes exactly 365 days to complete one full rotation. This span of Tamil months is broken up into six distinct seasons: Marghazhi-Thai, which is the beginning of winter; Maasi-Panguni, which is the end of winter; Chittirai-Vaikasi, which is the beginning of summer; Aani-Aadi, which is the height of summer; Avani-Purattasi, which is autumn; and Aippasi-Karthikai, which is the rainy season.

This human year, which consists of six distinct seasons, is considered to be equivalent to only one day for immortals. There are six distinct times that make up a day: dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. In temples, these are the times when the six daily rituals known as Kaala Pooja are carried out. An Abhishekam has been performed for the Deity Lord Nataraja at the conclusion of each of these six phases. Ani Thirumanjanam, also known as the pradosha abhishekam, is one of them. It is performed on the evening of the day of the Uthiram star during the Tamil month of Aani. (June-July).

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