Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date Timings Mountain View

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The celebration of Janmashtami honors the advent of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu on this plane of existence. The arrival of Lord Krishna on Earth is a metaphor for the victory of virtue over evil. On the festival of Krishna Janmashtami, worshippers of Lord Krishna offer prayers, and people all across the nation participate in a variety of traditions that are inspired by the life of Baby Krishna. See below to get the details about Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date Timings Mountain View

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Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date Timings Mountain View

When is Krishna Ashtami celebrated in 2023?

In the year 2023, Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on September 06, 2023.

What Is the story behind Krishashtami?

Under the Rohini Nakshatra, Bhagavan Sri Krishna was born at midnight on the Ashtami tithi, which is the eighth day. According to the Amanta calendar, the month of Lord Krishna’s birth is Shravan, however, according to the Purnimantha calendar, it is Bhadrapad. On the English calendar, this corresponds to the months of August and September, however, the precise date is determined by the lunar cycle.

Mythology states that Krishna was the eighth child born to Princess Devaki and her husband Vasudeva, both of whom were members of the Yadava tribe and resided in the city of Mathura. Because of a prophecy that said Kansa would be slain by Devaki’s eighth son,  Kansa, who was the king of Mathura at the time, ordered that all of Devaki’s children be put to death as soon as they were born.

This was done in an effort to protect Kansa from the prophecy. At the time of Krishna’s birth, Vasudeva accompanied the newborn child to the home of a friend of his in the Mathura neighborhood of Gokul. After then, Nanda and Yashoda, Nanda’s wife, were responsible for Krishna’s upbringing in Gokul.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date Timings Mountain View

What are the rituals followed at the Krishnasthami festival?

This holy day is honored in a number of ways throughout India, with each region adhering to its own set of traditions and practices that are distinctive to that location. Some of these rituals include fasting, praying, and giving alms to the poor.

People all around the country will fast from morning (the time when Lord Krishna was born) till midnight on the day that we celebrate Sri Krishna Jayanti. This is because midnight is the time that he was born. Prayers are spoken while a statue of the deity is kept in a small cradle as a depiction of the god’s birth. This acts as a visual help for the prayer. Bhajans and readings from the Bhagavad Gita are both activities that take place on this day.

Women in Southern India decorate their houses with little footprints made of flour to depict the life of young Krishna stealing butter. This tradition dates back to the time when Krishna was only a baby. According to legend, Krishna was the one who left his mark here in the form of footprints.

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