Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple Darshan Timings

Know the details about the Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple Darshan Timings, Tickets Online Booking, Offline Booking, How to reach, and More.

Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple: A Comprehensive Guide

The Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple is a revered Hindu shrine nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Uttarakhand, India. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it forms part of the Panch Kedar pilgrimage sites and holds significant spiritual importance for devotees from across the globe. This article provides detailed information on Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple Darshan Timings, reaching the temple, location, and frequently asked questions.

Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple Darshan Timings

The Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple follows specific timings for darshan (viewing and worshipping the deity):

Summer Season (May to October)

  • Morning: 6:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Evening: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Winter Season (November to April)

  • Morning: 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Evening: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

During special occasions and festivals, these timings may extend to accommodate more devotees.

Open and Close Timings

The temple remains open from early May to mid-November. It closes for the winter season due to heavy snowfall, during which the idol is shifted to Ukhimath for worship.

Daily Open and Close Timings

  • Opening Time: 6:00 AM (Summer), 7:00 AM (Winter)
  • Closing Time: 7:00 PM (Summer), 5:00 PM (Winter)

Tickets and Booking Information

Online Booking

To streamline the darshan experience, Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple management offers online booking facilities. Devotees can visit the official temple website or authorized portals to book tickets. The process involves selecting the date and time slot, entering personal details, and making an online payment. A confirmation email or SMS with the booking details will be sent.

Offline Booking

For those who prefer offline methods, tickets can be purchased directly at the temple premises. Several counters are set up near the entrance where devotees can buy tickets. It’s advisable to arrive early to avoid long queues, especially during peak seasons and festivals.

How to Reach Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, approximately 196 km from the temple. From the airport, taxis and buses are available to reach Ukhimath, the base for the trek to the temple.

By Train

The closest railway station is Rishikesh, situated around 171 km from Ukhimath. From there, travelers can hire taxis or take buses to Ukhimath.

By Road

Regular bus services operate from major cities like Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Dehradun to Ukhimath. Private taxis and shared cabs are also available for hire.

Trekking Route

The temple is accessible via a scenic trek starting from Ukhimath. The trek is approximately 21 km and passes through lush forests, meadows, and mountain streams. The route is well-marked, and several resting points and small eateries are available along the way.


Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple is located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, at an altitude of around 3,289 meters. The geographical coordinates are approximately 30.6450° N latitude and 79.1589° E longitude.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the significance of Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple?

The temple is one of the Panch Kedar shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to legend, it was established by the Pandavas to atone for their sins after the Mahabharata war. The temple’s unique architecture and serene surroundings add to its spiritual aura.

2. What should I wear while visiting the temple?

Devotees are advised to wear modest and comfortable clothing suitable for trekking. Woolen garments are essential during winter months due to the cold climate.

3. Is there accommodation available near the temple?

Yes, several guesthouses, lodges, and dharamshalas are available in Ukhimath and along the trekking route. Basic amenities and local cuisine are offered to visitors.

4. Are there any special rituals or events at the temple?

Special poojas and rituals are conducted during Shivratri, Navratri, and other important Hindu festivals. Devotees can participate in these ceremonies by booking in advance either online or at the temple.

5. Can I carry my camera inside the temple?

Photography is usually restricted inside the sanctum sanctorum to maintain the sanctity of the shrine. However, you can take pictures of the temple exteriors and surrounding scenery.

6. Is there a facility for prasad distribution?

Yes, prasad (sacred offering) is distributed to devotees after the main aarti (prayer) sessions. You can receive prasad from designated areas within the temple complex.

7. What medical facilities are available near the temple?

Basic medical facilities and first aid are available at Ukhimath and some villages en route to the temple. It’s recommended to carry a personal first-aid kit, especially if you have specific medical conditions.

8. How can I contribute to the temple’s maintenance?

Devotees can make donations directly at the temple or through the official website. Contributions are used for temple upkeep, organizing events, and supporting local communities.

Visiting the Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple offers a unique blend of spiritual fulfillment and natural beauty. With well-organized darshan timings, convenient ticket booking options, and clear travel routes, devotees can plan their pilgrimage seamlessly. Whether you’re seeking divine blessings or an adventurous trek, this sacred destination promises a memorable experience. This is the brief information about the Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple Darshan Timings in detail.

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Shri Boodha Madmaheshwar Temple Open Close Timings

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