Sholingur Temple Rope Car Ticket Cost Online Booking

Know the details about Sholingur Temple Rope Car Ticket Cost Online Booking, Sholinghur  Narasimha temple rope car booking, Sholingur Temple rope car facility details

Sholinghur is situated in the middle between Tiruttani, in the state of Tamil Nadu, and Chittoor, in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. This town serves as a connecting point for many important cities and towns, including Arakkonam, Vellore in Tamil Nadu, and Bengaluru in Karnataka. See below to get the details about Sholingur Temple Rope Car Ticket Cost Online Booking

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Sholingur Temple Rope Car Ticket Cost Online Booking

This community was once known by the name Thirukkadigai. This demonstrates that it is considered to be one of the 108 Divya Desams that are associated with Vaishnavism. One of the following sets of beliefs is responsible for giving the town its name, which is Thirukkadigai.

  • Historians have a theory that the sage Vishwamitra got his title by worshipping Narasimha at that location for around forty-five minutes.
  • In the sculptures, it is written that the Saptha rishis had visions and blessings from Lord Narasimha for a period of time that is referred to as “Kadigai” (about 45 minutes), which is where the name “Thirukkadigai” comes from.
  • It is also said that Indra, together with his other demigods, would visit the pushkarni to worship Narasimha after taking a bath there. Thakkan is the name of the pushkarni that is being used.
  • Historians are under the impression that the Pushkarni has therapeutic water that can treat any and all illnesses.
  • When Budha, son of Chandra, went to worship the god there, he was able to break the curse that had been placed on him by Sage Durvasa.
  • People believe that when they bathe in the pushkarni and pay respect to the lords who reside on the two hillocks, they would be healed of many mental illnesses, wicked deeds, and chronic ailments of any type. This is especially true for diseases that have been present for a long time.
  • The name Chozha Singapura became more prominent during the time of the Cholas and the Nawabs, while the term Thirukkadigai became less common at that time

Sholingur Temple Rope Car Ticket Cost Online Booking and Temple History

A popular place of worship, the Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple can be found in the Sholingur neighborhood of the Vellore District. It was originally thought that anyone who came to worship the Lord at this temple would be cured of a variety of illnesses if they did so.

The shrine dedicated to Sri Yoga Narasimhar and goddess Amruthavalli may be found atop the main hill, which rises to a height of around 240 meters and contains 1305 steps. The temples will be open from 8:00 AM till 5:45 PM local time.

Because a Chola monarch had discovered a natural lingam (svyambu) here and erected a temple over it, named the Sholeswara temple, the present name of the town is a contraction of the terms Chola-linga-puram. This name was given because of the discovery of the natural lingam. The place of worship may be found right in the center of the town.

According to the stories, Lord Narasimha would not only assume several reincarnations in this world to reform people, but he would also send his messengers as preceptors to carry out this role on his behalf. Doddacharya of Chozha Lingapuram was one such preceptor. He lived around 470 years ago and dedicated his life to serving Lord Yoga Narasimhar.

Sholingur Temple Rope Car Ticket Cost Online Booking and Darshan Details:

In order to do darshan of Lord Yoga Narasimha and his holy spouse Mother Annithapallavalli Thayar, we have to climb a total of 1305 stairs to reach the hill temple, which is located at a height of 250 meters (750 ft). Climbing 1305 stairs is not an easy task, particularly for those who are elderly or unwell. As a result, the government of Tamilnadu has initiated the construction of a cable car facility for this mountainous shrine.

People can take the tickets at the ticket counter to travel by rope car to the temple which is above 1305 stairs. devotees visit in large numbers and also show excitement to travel in the rope car.


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