Palani Murugan Temple Opening And Closing Timings Today Darshan

Know the details about Palani Murugan Temple Opening And Closing Timings Today Darshan, Palani temple timings today, the best time to visit Palani Murugan temple

Palani Arulmigu Dhadayuthapani Swamy temple also called Murugan or Karthikeyan Swamy temple is the most powerful and famous temple in South India in Tamil Nadu. According to the temple history, Palani temple is referred to as the third abode of Lord Karthikeyan Swamy out of six abodes. Palani temple is located on the hills and pilgrims have to climb the steps before the temple to reach the temple.

Hundreds of devotees visit the Palani temple to seek the blessings of the main deity Dandayuthapani Swamy. Many special pujas and homas are carried out on the premises of the Palani temple to get rid of some severe Sarpa doshas in the jataka. Daily many sevas are carried out to the idol of Dhandayuthapani Swamy in the Palani temple and darshan time is provided to the devotees to do darshan of the main idol in the inner sanctum of the Palani temple. A particular type of Prasadm called Panchmritham is given to the pilgrims which means the mixing of five elements. Check below for the details about Palani Murugan temple timings.

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Palani Murugan Temple Opening And Closing Timings Today Darshan

Palani Murugan Temple is open in the morning at 5.30 AM and closed in the evening at 9.00 PM. Check below for the daily puja schedule in the Palani temple.

Palani Temple daily Puja Schedule:

S.NoTimingsDaily Puja
015.30 AMNijaroopa Darshan
026.00 AMDarshan
036.45 AMVila Puja
0407.15 AMDarshan
058.00 AMSpecial Puja
0608.25 AMDarshan
0712.00 PMUchikala Puja
0812.30 PMDarshan
0905.30 PMSayaraksha Puja
1006.00 PMDarshan
1108.00 PMRakai Puja
1208.30 PMDarshan
1309.00 PMTemple closing time

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