Neyvilakku Seva Offering Guruvayoor Devaswom Online Booking Today

Know the details and Booking Procedure for Neyvilakku Seva Offering Guruvayoor Devaswom Online Booking Today, Guruvayur Temple Neyvilakku Offering Online Booking Here.

Guruvayoor temple in Kerala is one of the most famous and one of the most devotional abodes of Lord Sri Krishna. Guruvayoor Temple in Kerala is considered to be Bhuloka Vaikuntam by all the devotees of Lord Krishna. In Guruvayoor temple Lord Guruvayoor is considered to be another incarnation of Lord Vishnu with Chatur-Bhuja, which means four hands. In Guruvayoor temple number of sevas are performed to the main deity Lord Guruvayoor in the inner sanctum. all the traditions and rituals followed in the temple of Guruvayoor in Kerala are developed and prescribed by the great saint Adi Shankaracharya.

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Neyvilakku Seva Offering Guruvayoor Devaswom Online Booking Today

Neyvilakku offering ticket in Guruvayoor temple is not available for Online booking. Devotees have to book the tickets personally at the ticket counter on the temple premises. While attending the Neyvilakku Offering in Guruvayoor temple people have to follow some strict dress rules.

Guruvayoor Temple Neyvilakku Seva Offering:

In Guruvayoor temple the tradition of Neyvilakku offering started in the year 2018. Devotees who have to perform the Neyvilakku offering in the Guruvayoor temple have to pay Rs 1000 at the temple counter. Neyvilakku offering means a ritual of lighting a lamp with cow ghee near the deity of the temple.

In the Guruvayoor temple if the devotees paid an amount of Rs 1000 for the Neyvilakku offering then they are provided with the darshan facility of the Lord Guruvayoor. On one ticket only one person will be allowed for the darshan. Neyvilakku ticket holders are allowed to enter the temple directly without waiting in the queue lines. They are allowed to enter the temple through the main gate through the flag pole.

After darshan, the ticket holders are given the prasadam of the temple. The ticket for Rs 1000 can only be used by one person. Guruvayoor temple has provided another way of darshan in which devotees have to pay an amount of Rs 4500 on a ticket of Neyvilakku offering and on this ticket 5 members are allowed to do darshan of the main deity in the Guruvayoor temple.


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