Musical Fountain Tirumala Location Timings Entry Price Details

Know the details about Musical Fountain Tirumala Location Timings Entry Price Details, TTD Tirumala Musical Fountain Distance From Temple, and More.

According to popular belief, the Lord manifested himself on the Venkatadri hill in order to protect humanity from Kaliyuga’s negative repercussions. Since the start of the Kaliyuga, this place has been dedicated to an idol. As a result, this location is known as Kaliyuga Vaikuntam. The most frequented place of worship This temple receives between 50,000 and 100,000 pilgrims daily, or 30 to 40 million people annually.

On Brahmotsavam festival day, the number of pilgrims rises to 500,000 every day. There are eight Vishnu Swayambhu Kshetras, one of which is the Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple. The term “Swayambhu” denotes that, as opposed to being erected by someone else, Lord Vishnu himself has transformed into a statue here.

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Musical Fountain Tirumala Location Timings Entry Price Details

  • In Tirumala, Musical Fountain is Located beside the Temple on West Mada Street. Where daily evening times, the TTD gardening¬†authority team does on the Musical Fountain to make devotees happy.
  • This Musical Fountain in Tirumala is Named as “Sanku Chakra Nama Musical Fountain”
  • Kids and other devotees enjoy the Musical Fountain in Tirumala Very Much.
  • There will be no Entry fee or Cost to get and visit the Sanku Chakra Nama Musical Fountain in Tirumala.
  • This Sanku Chakra Nama Musical Fountain Plays the water-based relevantly with the govindanamalu and other devotional songs which played by the TTD.
  • Normally, This Sanku Chakra Nama Musical Fountain in Tirumala available daily from 07 PM to 09 PM
  • This Sanku Chakra Nama Musical Fountain in Tirumala Timings Might change based on TTD’s Festivals and Occasions.
  • This Sanku Chakra Nama Musical Fountain is very near to Temple and easy to walk.
  • This Musical Fountain Would be very Joyful to enjoy the Tirumala Devotional Trip.

Tirumala History and Musical Fountain Tirumala Location Timings Entry Price Details

King Thondaiman is thought to have erected the Tirupati Balaji Temple near the end of the eighth century. He was the monarch of the legendary Tamil country known as Thondaimandala. Additionally, the temple enjoyed support from a number of dynasties, including the Pallavas (9th century), Cholas (10th century), and the Vijayanagara dynasty in the 14th century. Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara empire generously donated and regularly renovated the temple by erecting additional additions.

A tale of Sesa, the divine extension of the Lord, who took the form of the seven hills that make up Tirumala, is also told. Sesa is sometimes shown as the Lord’s sofa, His bed, or even His slippers. As a result, the seven hills are referred to as Seshadari. Sesha wished to be there to support the Divine pastimes of the Supreme Lord when He came to live on these hills. However, I witnessed this Brahmana clumsily kick You in the chest. And since I noticed this heinous deed, I have committed a grave, unforgivable sin; in fact, the sin of seeing You accept this offense is so severe that I am unable to be here. I had to leave this place. I must make extreme penances in order to atone for the sin that I committed by viewing this offense against You.

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On a platform known as “Brahmasthana,” the major idol of the Lord is standing. On the right and left, respectively, are Goddesses Lakshmi and Padmavathi. A golden vase is placed on top of the Gopuram, which is the main sanctum’s entrance tower. On top of it, there is a Vimana Venkateshwara idol. Priests are unable to remove the Lord’s primary idol. As a result, there are miniature idols of many Gods in the sanctuary for worship.

Mythology, Varaha Swami gave Venkateshwara the land on Tirumala hill. In exchange, Venkateshwara assured him he would receive the first darshan. a blessing for Adisesha He would join the Venkatadri hills and turn into Lord Vishnu’s dwelling, according to the blessing. Adisesha agreed and changed her name to Venkatadri.

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