Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Irumudi Online Booking Dates

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Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Irumudi Pooja: Significance, Online Booking, Dates, and FAQs

The Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple, nestled in the town of Melmaruvathur in Tamil Nadu, India, is a renowned spiritual destination for devotees of the divine mother, Adhiparasakthi. One of the most significant rituals performed at this temple is the Irumudi Pooja, a sacred ceremony that holds immense significance in the lives of the temple’s devotees. See below for the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Irumudi Online Booking Dates in this comprehensive guide.

Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple Irumudi Online Booking Dates:

The Irumudi Pooja is a unique and integral part of the pilgrimage to the Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Temple. It is a profound expression of devotion and surrender to the divine mother, Adhiparasakthi. The word “Irumudi” is derived from two Tamil words, “iru,” meaning two, and “mudi,” meaning knot. It symbolizes the duality of human life – the balance between material and spiritual pursuits.

  1. Spiritual Journey: The Irumudi Pooja marks the beginning of a spiritual journey undertaken by devotees. It signifies their desire to break free from the materialistic world and seek spiritual enlightenment.
  2. Surrender to the Divine: Devotees carry a cloth bundle with two compartments, symbolizing their surrender to the goddess. One compartment contains items for offerings to the deity, and the other contains personal belongings.
  3. Seeking Blessings: Through this ritual, devotees seek the blessings of Adhiparasakthi for their spiritual and material well-being. It is believed that the goddess fulfills the wishes of her sincere devotees.

Irumudi Pooja Dates:

  1. Aadi Krithigai: This is one of the most auspicious days for the Irumudi Pooja and typically falls in the Tamil month of Aadi (July-August).
  2. Pournami Pooja: Full moon days, especially the ones in the Tamil months of Panguni and Aadi, are considered highly significant for the Irumudi Pooja.
  3. Saturdays and Sundays: Devotees can also perform the Irumudi Pooja on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

Online Booking and Costs:

  1. Online Booking: Visit the official temple website to book your Irumudi Pooja slot. Fill in the required details, select the desired date, and pay the booking fee online.
  2. Booking Costs: The cost of booking the Irumudi Pooja slot may vary depending on the type of seva and any additional offerings you choose. It is advisable to check the temple’s official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.
  3. Payment Options: The temple typically accepts online payments through various modes, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets.

FAQs About Irumudi Pooja:

  1. Can I perform the Irumudi Pooja on any day of the year?
    • Yes, you can perform the Irumudi Pooja on Saturdays, Sundays, and specific auspicious dates as mentioned earlier.
  2. What items should I include in the Irumudi for offerings?
    • The items for offerings typically include coconuts, camphor, betel leaves, fruits, flowers, and other traditional items. Specific guidelines may be provided by the temple.
  3. Is there a dress code for the Irumudi Pooja?
    • Devotees are expected to dress modestly and in traditional attire while performing the Irumudi Pooja.
  4. Can non-Hindus participate in the Irumudi Pooja?
    • The temple welcomes people of all faiths. Non-Hindus are also allowed to participate in the Irumudi Pooja with due respect to the traditions.

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