Mantralayam Temple Daily Special Seva Cost Details

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It is possible to visit the Mantralayam Temple at the nearby hamlet of Mantralayam, which is situated around 20 km away from Kurnool. The holy coach Raghavendra Swamy makes the trip to the temple often since it is considered to be one of the most important Vaishnava pilgrimages. It is a rather unimportant settlement, however, it can be found on the Tungabhadra River’s bank. This temple is often visited by people coming from all across the nation. See below to get the details about Mantralayam Temple Daily Special Seva Cost Details

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Mantralayam Temple Daily Special Seva Cost Details:

The Sri Raghavendra Swamy Memorial Temple in Mantralayam is a place of worship that honors the life and legacy of Sri Raghavendra, a well-known Vaishnava saint. It is found in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Holy water is used to perform a daily ritual that begins at 6:00 in the morning and cleans Raghavendra Brindavan. At the time of the Mangala Aarti, the recipient is anointed and then adorned with expensive clothing and jewelry. The temple is open daily beginning at six in the morning and closing at eight in the evening.

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Mantralayam Temple Daily Special Seva Cost Details with Pricing:

Daily various Sevas are performed to Guru Raghavendra Swamy in the Mantralayam Temple. People have to give separate donations to take part in these special Sevas. Some of the special Sevas that are performed in the Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Temple and their ticket cost are as follows:

  • Dainik Sampoorna Annadana Seva – Rs 2,00,000;
  • dainik Sampoorna Seva – Rs 1,00,000.
  • Vastra Samarpana Seva – Rs 60,000.
  • Navaratna rathotsavam – Rs 13,000.
  • Bangaru pallaki seva – Rs 9,000.
  • Golden chariot Seva – Rs 7,000.
  • Rajatha rathotsava – Rs 2500.
  • Kanaka kavacha Samarpana – Rs 4000
  • Rathotsavam – Rs 1500
  • Kanaka Maha Pooja – Rs 1000
  • Poorna Seva – Rs 700
  • Maha pooja – Rs 400

Mantralayam Temple Daily Special Seva Cost Details and Other Info:

  • Men are required to wear dhotis and should not wear shirts (only Angavastrams) in accordance with the dress code of the Mantralayam temple. Women devotees should wear a sari or salwar kameez.
  • Casual clothing, such as jeans, shorts, and T-shirts, is not appropriate for entry into the Mantralayam temple, hence devotees will not be permitted inside if they wear such items.
  • It is anticipated devotees that would keep their voices down and walk in lines so that the tranquility may be preserved.
  • It is very recommended that devotees do not put any headgear or cooling glasses. When making a visit to Rayaru, males are supposed to take off their shirts and keep them in their hands, while ladies are expected to dress in traditional garb like the sari.
  • Inside the temple grounds, you are not allowed to bring in any outside food or drink. The next step, which is certainly not the least important, is for worshippers to take a dip in the sacred waters of the River Tungabhadra and wet their hair before doing the puja at the temple.

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