Manakamana Temple Nepal Cable Car Cost Timings Booking

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Manakamana Temple Nepal: Cable Car Cost, Timings, Booking, and Speciality

The Manakamana Temple is a renowned Hindu pilgrimage site located in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Situated atop a hill at an elevation of 1,302 meters (4,272 feet), the temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagwati, also known as Manakamana Devi. The temple holds immense religious significance and attracts thousands of devotees every year. One of the key attractions of visiting the Manakamana Temple is the cable car ride that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. See below to get the details about Manakamana Temple Nepal Cable Car Cost Timings Booking

Manakamana Temple Nepal Cable Car Cost Timings Booking

Cable Car Cost and Timings

The Manakamana Cable Car is the most convenient and popular way to reach the temple. It provides a safe and comfortable journey, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayan foothills. The cable car operates from Cheres, which is approximately 104 kilometers (65 miles) west of Kathmandu and takes you directly to the temple premises.

The cable car service is available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day. The journey takes around 10 minutes, covering a distance of approximately 2.8 kilometers (1.7 miles). The cost of a round-trip ticket for the cable car ride is NPR 700 for Nepali nationals and NPR 1,000 for foreigners.

Booking Procedure

Booking a cable car ticket for the Manakamana Temple can be done in multiple ways:

  1. On-Site Booking: Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket counter located at the cable car station in Cheres. However, during peak seasons or festivals, it is advisable to book in advance to avoid long lines.
  2. Online Booking: Visitors can also book their cable car tickets online through the official website. The online booking system provides a convenient way to secure your tickets in advance and avoid any last-minute hassle.
  3. Travel Agencies: Local travel agencies and tour operators also offer cable car ticket booking services. They can assist in arranging transportation, accommodation, and other travel-related services for a hassle-free visit to the Manakamana Temple.

It is recommended to check the availability and timings in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons or religious festivals, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Manakamana Temple Nepal Cable Car Cost Timings Booking

Benefits of Cable Car

The introduction of the cable car service has significantly improved accessibility to the Manakamana Temple and enhanced the overall pilgrimage experience. Some of the key benefits of the cable car are:

  1. Time-saving: The cable car ride offers a quick and time-saving mode of transportation, allowing visitors to reach the temple within minutes instead of trekking uphill for hours.
  2. Comfort and Safety: The cable car cabins are designed to provide a comfortable and safe journey, ensuring the well-being of the passengers throughout the ride.
  3. Scenic Views: The cable car ride offers breathtaking panoramic views of the lush green hills, terraced fields, and the Trishuli River, making it a memorable experience for visitors.
  4. Accessible for All: The cable car service is suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. It eliminates the physical challenges faced by elderly or disabled individuals during the uphill climb.

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Specialty of the Temple

The Manakamana Temple holds a special place in Hindu mythology and is believed to fulfill the wishes of its devotees. The word “Manakamana” translates to “wish-fulfilling” in Nepali. It is believed that offering prayers and making wishes at this temple can bring good fortune, prosperity, and success.

The temple is also known for its unique location and serene surroundings. Nestled amidst the picturesque hills, it offers a tranquil environment for spiritual contemplation and meditation. The natural beauty of the surroundings adds to the spiritual aura of the temple.

Devotees often perform animal sacrifices as offerings to the goddess, although this practice is gradually decreasing. The temple also attracts a large number of visitors during the festivals of Dashain and Teej, when devotees flock to seek the blessings of Manakamana Devi.

Visiting the Manakamana Temple and experiencing the cable car ride is an enriching and memorable journey. It combines spirituality, natural beauty, and adventure, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists.

Plan your visit to the Manakamana Temple and immerse yourself in the divine aura of this sacred place. The cable car ride will not only transport you to the temple but also provide an opportunity to admire the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal.

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