Mahaveer Jayanthi 2024 Date Puja Time Celebrations

See below for the Mahaveer Jayanthi 2024 Date Puja Time Celebrations, Celebrations Timings, How to Celebrate at Home, Significance of Mahaveer Jayanthi, Step by step guide, and More.

Mahaveer Jayanti 2024: A Comprehensive Guide to Celebrations and Significance

Mahaveer Jayanti, the most important religious holiday in Jainism, celebrates the birth of Mahaveer, the last Tirthankara. In 2024, Mahaveer Jayanti falls on Sunday, April 14th. The exact timing of the puja varies across different Jain temples and homes but generally takes place in the morning. See below for the Mahaveer Jayanthi 2024 Date Puja Time Celebrations and More.

Mahaveer Jayanthi 2024 Date Puja Time Celebrations

Mahaveer Jayanti holds immense significance for Jains as it marks the birth of Lord Mahaveer, who propagated the philosophy of ‘Ahimsa’ (non-violence), ‘Satya’ (truth), and ‘Aparigraha’ (non-attachment). His teachings form the core principles of Jainism, making this day a profound occasion for reflection and spiritual introspection.

Celebrating Mahaveer Jayanti at Home

While Mahaveer Jayanti is celebrated with great fervor in Jain temples, you can also observe it at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Cleanse Yourself: Begin the day with a bath, signifying the purification of mind and body.
  2. Set up the Altar: Set up an altar with an idol or picture of Lord Mahaveer. Decorate it with flowers and light a lamp or incense sticks.
  3. Perform Puja: Conduct a puja during the morning hours. Offer prayers and chant Jain mantras dedicated to Lord Mahaveer.
  4. Reading Scriptures: Spend time reading the teachings of Lord Mahaveer from Jain scriptures.
  5. Charity: Embody the principle of ‘Aparigraha’ by donating clothes, food, or money to those in need.


Why is Mahaveer Jayanti celebrated?

Mahaveer Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Mahaveer, the last Tirthankara of Jainism.

How is Mahaveer Jayanti celebrated in temples?

In temples, grand processions are held, and the idol of Lord Mahaveer is given a ceremonial bath called ‘abhishek’. Devotees also engage in charitable deeds and meditate on his teachings.

What can I do on Mahaveer Jayanti?

Besides performing puja and reading scriptures, you can reflect upon and implement Lord Mahaveer’s teachings in your life. Also, participating in charity and helping those in need can be a fitting tribute.


In conclusion, Mahaveer Jayanti is not just a religious event but a day for self-reflection and spiritual growth. It serves as a reminder of Lord Mahaveer’s teachings of non-violence, truth, and non-attachment, principles that are increasingly relevant in today’s world. Whether celebrated at home or in temples, the day offers a profound opportunity to connect with these timeless values. This is the brief information about the Mahaveer Jayanthi 2024 Date Puja Time Celebrations in detail.

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