Laxmi Narayan Temple Delhi Opening Closing Timings Today

Know the details about Laxmi Narayan Temple Delhi Opening Closing Timings Today, Delhi Laxminarayan temple darshan timings, Delhi Laxmi Narayan temple location route map guide

The Temple of Laxminarayan The Delhi Mandir, also known as the Birla Mandir, is a well-known Hindu temple that can be seen to the west of Connaught Place. It is devoted to the god Laxminarayan, who is often seen to be a combination of the deities Laxmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, and Vishnu, the Preserver. Baldeo Das Birla is the architect behind the construction of this temple. See below to get the details about Laxmi Narayan Temple Delhi Opening Closing Timings Today

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Laxmi Narayan Temple Delhi Opening Closing Timings Today

What are the timings of the Laxminarayan temple in Delhi?

Delhi Laxmi Narayan Temple opens in the morning at 4.30 AM and closes at 9.00 PM in the evening.

The Laxminarayan temple is one of the most respected temples in Delhi. It was constructed by G.D. Birla, and it is more often referred to as the Birla Temple. Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, and Vishnu, her husband, are together referred to as Laxminarayan, and the temple is devoted to them both.

This place of worship was first opened by Mahatma Gandhi, who did so with the stipulation that individuals of all religious persuasions and social classes would be permitted to enter the building at any time. This is an intriguing fact about the shrine. Because of this, the temple is unquestionably deserving of being mentioned and of being visited.

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Laxmi Narayan Temple Delhi Opening Closing Timings Today

The temple was constructed in a conventional manner, and it consists of three levels. The temple is stretched out across 7 acres, making it a large and impressive edifice. The roof that is the highest of the three is around 160 meters high. The whole location is decked up with elaborate sculptures that recount a wide variety of stories from Hindu mythology.

This temple is not just for the devotees, but also for those who are interested in learning about other cultures since it is intricately lighted at night and has vivid colors throughout the day.

Laxmi Narayan Temple Delhi Opening Closing Timings Today

How to reach Delhi Laxminarayan Temple?

By Air:

IGI airport is the most convenient airport for flying to while visiting the Delhi Laxmi Narayan Temple. You may reach this temple quickly and simply from here by using the metro or one of the other local transportation options.

By Train:

The New Delhi railway station is the closest station to the Laxmi Narayan Temple, which is located in New Delhi. You may also easily get this temple from here by making use of the available local transport options, such as a taxi or the subway.

By Road:

Roads to Delhi are well linked with the other cities of the nation, thus you can easily reach this temple by driving your own car, or by any public bus or taxi from any part of the country. Since the roads to Delhi are well connected with the other cities of the country, you may visit this temple.

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