Kumbhalgarh Fort Light And Sound Show Timings Fee Details

Know the details about Kumbhalgarh Fort Light And Sound Show Timings Fee Details, Kumbhalgarh Fort Light and sound show details

The Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is one of the biggest and longest forts in the world, is an excellent example of architecture that is typical of the state of Rajasthan. You will get a great deal of insight into the rich culture and history of the Lakha dynasty if you pay a visit to this magnificent fort. See below to get the details about Kumbhalgarh Fort Light And Sound Show Timings Fee Details

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Kumbhalgarh Fort Light And Sound Show Timings Fee Details

There is a magnificent tank located inside the walls of the fort, and if you climb to the top of it, you will get a breathtaking perspective of the whole structure. While you are there, be sure to check out the audio-visual show that provides a wealth of information on the Kumbhalgarh Fort. You are going to have a fantastic time doing so.

Visitors to the fort will gain a significant amount of knowledge about a wide range of battles and conflicts by perusing the treasures that have been conserved at this spot.

Kumbhalgarh Fort Light And Sound Show Timings Fee Details

Kumbhalgarh Fort opens in the morning from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Kumbhalgarh’s rich cultural heritage is well-known around the world and continues to draw a large number of visitors each year. The rich cultural past of Kumbhalgarh may be seen in the shows, traditions, lifestyle, craftsmanship, and architecture of this location.

This magnificent city is the birthplace of a number of traditional art forms, including blue stoneware, bandhani and square artwork, block painting, carving, and traditional dance and music, all of which have an exceptionally unique place in the culture of Kumbhalgarh, right alongside the great cuisine that is offered here.

The friendly and vibrant people who make their home in this city make sure to commemorate each passing season by holding a variety of fairs and parties throughout the year. On a trip to Kumbhalgarh, each and every experience is valuable and worthwhile. In Kumbhalgarh, a massive celebration is held every year in remembrance of Maharana Kumbh and the three dins before him.

During the course of this celebration, which lasts for three days, the fort will be illuminated. During this period, the residents of the area put on performances of music and dance art, as well as other forms of artistic expression.

Kumbhalgarh Fort Light And Sound Show Timings Fee Details

What are the timings of the Kumbhalgarh Fort Light and Sound show?

The Kumbhalgarh Fort Light and Sound show starts in the evening at 6:45 PM.

What is the ticket fee to enter the Kumbhalghar Fort Light and Sound Show?

It costs about Rs 100 per person.

Around four in the afternoon is the best time to travel to the Fort since this enables guests to finish their tours of the Fort before it becomes dark outside. The main event will start at 6:45 PM, and in the half an hour that follows, the Light and Sound show will have your attention completely captivated. A ticket to witness the show costs one hundred rupees (the performance is only delivered in the Hindi language), and the presentation is entirely in Hindi.






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