Kottayam Mahadeva Temple 2024 Thirunakkara Arattu Date Timings

Know the details about the Kottayam Mahadeva Temple 2024 Thirunakkara Arattu Date Timings, Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, Significance of 2024 Thirunakkara Arattu, and More.

Thirunakkara Arattu 2024: A Confluence of Devotion and Tradition

The Thirunakkara Arattu, an illustrious festival rooted in centuries-old traditions, holds a pivotal place in the cultural and spiritual tapestry of Kerala, India. Scheduled in 2024, this grand event is anticipated to unfold with its customary fervor and magnificence at the Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, nestled in the heart of Kottayam district. This article delves into the Kottayam Mahadeva Temple 2024 Thirunakkara Arattu Date Timings, Thirunakkara Arattu, along with a curated FAQ section to enrich your understanding of this vibrant festival.

Kottayam Mahadeva Temple 2024 Thirunakkara Arattu Date Timings

The Thirunakkara Arattu is traditionally observed in the Malayalam month of Meenam, which typically falls in March or April of the Gregorian calendar. The exact date is determined based on the lunar calendar, aligning with the auspicious Phalguna or Meenam Purnima (Full Moon Day). In 2024, this celestial alignment is expected to grace the skies in late March, marking a time of great spiritual renewal and celebration.

Celebrations at Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

The Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, becomes the epicenter of festivities during the Arattu. The temple, known for its Dravidian architectural elegance and sprawling premises, is adorned with lights, flowers, and traditional decor, setting a divine ambiance.

  • Procession and Rituals: The highlight of the festival is the grand procession featuring the temple’s deity, Lord Shiva, mounted on a caparisoned elephant, accompanied by a melange of traditional music, including Panchavadyam and Thayambaka. Devotees throng the temple grounds, offering prayers and participating in the vibrant procession that winds through the town streets.
  • Cultural Performances: The festival is also a stage for showcasing Kerala’s rich cultural heritage, with performances of classical dance forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and Thullal. Traditional music concerts and Koothu (dramatic performances) add to the festive spirit.
  • Religious Ceremonies: Special pujas and rituals are conducted throughout the festival days, drawing devotees from across the region. The Arattu ritual, involving the ceremonial bathing of the deity’s idol in the temple tank, marks the culmination of the festivities, symbolizing purification and renewal.

Significance of the 2024 Thirunakkara Arattu

The Thirunakkara Arattu is not just a festival; it’s a profound embodiment of Kerala’s spiritual ethos and communal harmony. It celebrates the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, symbolizing the cycle of creation, preservation, and dissolution. The festival fosters a sense of unity among people, transcends religious and social boundaries, and reaffirms the values of peace, devotion, and respect for traditions.

For the local community, it’s a time of thanksgiving and reflection, an opportunity to immerse oneself in spiritual practices and seek blessings. For visitors, it offers a unique insight into Kerala’s religious customs, arts, and cultural vibrancy.


Q1: Can non-Hindus participate in the Thirunakkara Arattu celebrations? Yes, people from all walks of life are welcome to witness the festivities. However, entry into certain areas of the temple might be restricted.

Q2: What should one wear to the festival? It is advisable to wear modest and traditional attire, respecting the temple’s customs and the sanctity of the festival.

Q3: Are there any specific rituals that devotees perform during the festival? Devotees engage in various rituals, including fasting, offering prayers, and participating in the holy procession. Special offerings are made to Lord Shiva, seeking prosperity and well-being.

Q4: Is photography allowed during the festival? Photography is generally permitted, but it’s important to be respectful and avoid disrupting the rituals or the devotees’ experience.

Q5: How can visitors reach Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple? Kottayam is well-connected by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, from where one can hire taxis or take buses to Kottayam. The temple is located in the heart of Kottayam town, easily accessible by local transport.


The Thirunakkara Arattu is a vibrant testament to Kerala’s enduring cultural and spiritual legacy, bringing together the divine and the earthly in a spectacular celebration. The 2024 festival promises to be a confluence of faith, art, and community spirit, offering a deeply enriching experience to all who partake in its festivities. Whether you are a devout follower or a cultural enthusiast,. This is some brief information about the Kottayam Mahadeva Temple 2024 Thirunakkara Arattu Date Timings in detail.

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