Konark Sun Temple Light Show Starting Timings Today

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On the coast of Odisha, India, the Konark Surya Mandir may be seen at Konark, which is about 35 kilometers northeast of Puri. One of the most popular destinations for tourists in all of India, this enormous temple is devoted to the Hindu god known as Surya. See below to get the details about the Konark Sun Temple Light Show Starting Timings Today

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Konark Sun Temple Light Show Starting Timings Today

The shape of the enormous chariot that Surya rode on is reflected in the architecture of the Konark Sun Temple. According to legend, Surya traveled across the heavens in his chariot, which was drawn by seven horses. Inscriptions on chariot wheels numbering 24 may be found on the platform of Konark.

What time is the Konark light show?

As per the Sun Temple authorities, two shows of 40 minutes each will be held in a day. While the first show will start at 6.30 pm the second show will begin at 7.30 pm.

How much is the ticket cost for the Konark Temple Sound and Laser show?

The only way to buy a ticket is in person at the Ticket Counter located next to the entrance. The price of the ticket is Rs 50/-. There is no option for online or prior booking.

Konark Sun Temple Light Show Starting Timings Today

What is special about Konark Sun Temple?

Not only is the Konark temple well-known for its magnificent architecture, but it is also well known for the intricate and plentiful sculptural work that it contains. The magnificent temple architecture, rich history, alluring seashore, and striking natural beauty combine to make Konark an extraordinary destination.

The big building that can be seen at the Konark Temple today is really the Jagamohana of the temple. This building is also known as the Assembly Hall, Audience Hall, and Mukhasala. The main temple tower that formerly housed the ruling god has collapsed, and at this point, just the ruins may be seen.

Konark Sun Temple Light Show Starting Timings Today

The central temple at Konark, known as the deul in the local language, does not exist anymore. It was encircled by secondary temples that included niches representing Hindu deities, most notably Surya in a variety of forms. The deul was constructed on a raised platform or terrace.

The temple was formerly a larger structure that was comprised of the main sanctuary. This sanctuary was known as the rekha deul, also known as the bada deul (which literally translates as “big sanctum”). In front of it was a bhadra deul, which literally translates to “small sanctum,” or Jagamohana, which literally translates to “assembly hall of the people.”

In other regions of India, this structure is known as a mandapa. The associated platform was known as the Pida deul, and it consisted of a mandapa that was square in shape and had a roof that was pyramidal in shape. At its most fundamental level, each of these buildings was a square, and on top of that, each had been overlaid with the pancharatha plan, which had a patterned facade.

The center projection, which is known as the raha, is more apparent than the side projections, which are known as the Kanika-paga. This is because the design seeks an interplay of sunshine and shadow, which contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the building at different times of the day. The ancient Silpa Sastra of Odisha has the blueprints for this particular form of architecture.

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