Kollam Pooram 2024 Date Puja Time Celebration

Know the details about the Kollam Pooram 2024 Date Puja Time Celebration, Timings, How to Celebrate at Home, Location, Significance of Kollam Pooram Festival, and More.

The Magnificence of Kollam Pooram 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Kollam Pooram, a vibrant and grandiose festival celebrated in the South Indian state of Kerala, is a spectacle that showcases the rich cultural heritage of India. This article provides an in-depth look into the Kollam Pooram 2024 Date Puja Time Celebration, its significance, how to celebrate it at home, and answers some frequently asked questions.

Kollam Pooram 2024 Date Puja Time Celebration

The Kollam Pooram is celebrated on the day of Pooram according to the Malayalam calendar, which typically falls in April. In 2024, Kollam Pooram is expected to be held in mid-April, though the exact date will depend on the lunar calendar. The puja rituals usually commence early in the morning, around 5.30 am, and continue throughout the day until late evening.


The Kollam Pooram is primarily celebrated in the city of Kollam, located in Kerala. The main event takes place at the Asramam Maidan, a large open ground where caparisoned elephants parade amidst the sounds of traditional drumming and music.

Significance of Kollam Pooram Festival

The Kollam Pooram is a religious event that holds deep spiritual significance for the people of Kerala. It’s a time when deities from neighborhood temples are brought on beautifully decorated elephants to the main temple as a mark of respect and devotion. The festival also signifies community bonding and the celebration of life, culture, and tradition.

Celebrating Kollam Pooram at Home

Though the grandeur of the festival is best experienced in Kollam, you can still celebrate Kollam Pooram at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Decorate Your Home: Emulate the vibrancy of the festival by decorating your home with flowers, lamps, and rangolis.
  2. Prepare Traditional Food: The festival is incomplete without traditional Kerala delicacies. Prepare dishes like ‘Sadya’, a vegetarian meal served on a banana leaf, and ‘Payasam’, a sweet dessert.
  3. Perform Puja: Conduct a simple puja at home, offering prayers to the deities.
  4. Watch the Festival Online: Many channels broadcast the festival live. Experience the grandeur by tuning in.


What is the highlight of Kollam Pooram? The highlight is the ‘Kudamattom’ ceremony, where ornamental silk parasols are exchanged atop the elephants.

Is Kollam Pooram open for tourists? Yes, tourists are welcome to witness and partake in the festivities.

What should I wear to Kollam Pooram? It’s advisable to wear modest, comfortable clothing suitable for a religious event.

In conclusion, Kollam Pooram is a testament to India’s rich cultural diversity and spiritual depth. Whether you’re witnessing it in person or celebrating it at home, the festival is sure to leave you with an enriched sense of culture and tradition. This is the brief information about the Kollam Pooram 2024 Date Puja Time Celebration in detail.

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