Kanjanur Sukran Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals

Know the details about Kanjanur Sukran Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals, Kanjanur Sukran Temple daily Seva rituals, Kanjanur Sukran Temple location route map guide

The Kanjanoor Sukra Bhagavan Temple, also known as the Agniswarar Temple, can be found in Kanjanur Village, which is situated in the Tiruvidaimarudur Taluk in the Thanjavur District of the state of Tamilnadu. The temple, which is considered to be one of the nine Navagraha temples in Tamil Nadu, is home to an image of Sukra, which is said to be the planet Venus. See below to get the details about Kanjanur Sukran Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals

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Kanjanur Sukran Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals

Sametha Sri Karpagambal is the name that we know him by. The Sri Agneeswarar Temple is overseen by the goddess Sukra, who is also sometimes referred to as Venus. She is considered to be the temple’s presiding deity. However, the statue of “Agniswarar,” which is another name for Shiva, is considered to be the most notable one in the temple.

It is stated that Sukra is put in the stomach of the statue of Shiva, which is in line with the Saivite belief that Shiva may be located anywhere.

What is the opening and closing timings of Kanjanur Sukran Temple?

Kanjanur Sukran Temple opens in the morning at 7:00 AM and closes at 9:00 PM.

Kanjanur Sukran Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals

Kanjanur Sukran Temple Daily Puja Rituals:

There are a total of six temples and other places of worship in Kanjanur that are devoted to the Lord. When doing worship to Lord Shukra, it is common practice to make use of the following items: a white lotus, white cloth, diamond,’mochai’ powder, and athi. This is done in order to shield oneself from the adverse effects that are brought on by the influences of malevolent planets.

If one prays to Lord Sukra for help and tranquility while dealing with these difficulties, they may get it. The beneficial impacts of Sukra may be demonstrated in a variety of fields, including the arts, sculpture, love, and automobiles.
Each and every day, there are six distinct times set aside for worship in the temple.

Kanjanur Sukran Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals

On Fridays, prayers should be given up to Lord Sukra. Direct your prayers to him. Those who worship Sukran, which is the planet that comes in second position on the list of most beneficial planets after Guru (Brihaspati), are blessed with wealth and success in their endeavors. If the planet Sukra is located in a beneficial position in a person’s horoscope, that person will have a more fulfilling existence and have more success in the financial realm.

It is possible to execute the ritual known as “Kalathira Dosha Pariharam” for the deity known as Lord Sukiran at the temple at Kanjanur. The god Lord Shiva, in his guise as Agneeswarar, is claimed to preside over this place, while the goddess Karpagambal is said to be his spouse. The name Agneeswarar was given to the temple because it was believed that Lord Agni, who was considered to be one of the “Ashtadhik Balakars,” worshiped Lord Shiva in this specific spot.


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