Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Temple Annadanam Timings Phone Number

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The Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Temple may be found in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district, specifically in the town of Kadiri. It is one of the most well-known temples in the world and is devoted to Lord Narasimha, a violent incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Every year, it is visited by a large number of believers. The temple is steeped in history and is mentioned in a number of tales, both mythical and legendary.

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Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Temple Annadanam Timings and History:

According to local folklore, the temple was constructed in the 14th century by Krishnadevaraya, the monarch of Kadiri at the time. Krishnadevaraya was a devout follower of Lord Narasimha. Later on, the temple underwent extensive renovation and expansion thanks to the efforts of several rulers, most notably the Gajapatis of Orissa, the Marathas, and the Vijayanagara. The modern-day complex of the temple has an area of more than 10 hectares and is comprised of a number of shrines, halls, and ponds.

The yearly Brahmotsavam celebration is held during the month of Phalguna, which corresponds to the months of February and March. It is considered to be one of the most prominent festivals that is connected with the temple. The festival lasts for ten days and consists of various rites, such as the raising of the temple flag, the washing of the deity with holy water, and the procession of the god on a chariot. The event also involves the hoisting of the temple flag. The festival is one of the most significant events that take place throughout the year in the temple’s calendar and draws in thousands of worshippers from different parts of the nation.

Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Temple Annadanam Timings and Details:

The annadanam program at the temple is yet another significant facet of the establishment. In Hinduism, the practice of Annadanam, which refers to the gift of food to followers, is seen as a holy act and is thought to bring the giver a great deal of merit. Every day, worshippers are given the opportunity to participate in an annadanam ceremony at the Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Temple.

  • The annadanam program begins at 11:00 am every day and continues until all the devotees have been served.
  • The program is free of cost, and anyone can participate regardless of caste, creed, or religion.
  • The temple provides a variety of dishes, including rice, sambar, rasam, and vegetable curry.
  • The food is cooked in the temple kitchen using traditional methods and with great care to ensure that it is hygienic and tasty.
  • The program is run entirely by volunteers, who donate their time and resources to ensure that the devotees are served with love and devotion.

In addition to annadanam, the temple provides a number of additional services to its devotees. These amenities include a place to stay, access to medical care, and participation in educational activities. There is a guesthouse at the temple that can accommodate up to one hundred people, and there are a number of hospitals and clinics in the surrounding area that may give medical assistance to devotees who are in need. In addition, the temple oversees the operation of a number of schools and institutions, which provide educational opportunities to youngsters who come from economically disadvantaged areas of society.

To sum up, the Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Temple is a location that has a significant amount of importance for Hindus all around the globe. Its long history, connection to a number of myths and tales, and ongoing commitment to the spiritual needs of devotees combine to make it a one-of-a-kind and sacred location. In particular, the annadanam program is a demonstration of the temple’s dedication to serving the community and catering to the requirements of all those who pray to Lord Narasimha for his blessings.

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