Guruvayur Temple Darshan Live Today Crowd Status Waiting

Know the latest update about Guruvayur Temple Darshan Live Today Crowd Status Waiting, Guruvayur Temple Darshan Live Today Crowd Status Waiting Here.

Guruvayur Devaswom is a Hindu temple and one of the most important places of worship for Hindus. dedicated to Lord Guruvayurappan which is situated in the small town of Guruvayur, Kerala, South India. It is frequently referred to as Bhuloka Vaikuntaham.

Every season brings a large population to this temple. The devas workers and Kerala police have built a highly effective queueing system. The primary deity of the Guruvayur temples, Krishna’s idol, is thought to have been set up by Lord Guru (teacher) and Lord Vayu (Air). As significant as Mathura or Dwaraka is this shrine.

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Best Time for Darshan:

The temple is incredibly culturally significant and has a very long history. If you visit during the week, you can avoid the weekend’s huge crowds. The hot weather in north Kerala doesn’t make it any easier to wait in line. In addition, there are many hotels and guest houses located just outside the temple. A number of management systems were established by the Devasom employees and the Kerala police follow:

  1. Properly run lines
  2. Orderly people in the line
  3. The queue was moved in an orderly fashion.
  4. The temple grounds have been kept immaculate.
  5. There isn’t any shoving or rushing even within the shrine.

Arrive there in the evening of a business day to avoid traffic. avoided the morning rush, numerous early-morning stops relating to the ceremony, the wedding crowd, etc. It is best to avoid Thursdays and weekends in general. The darshan can be completed in 20 minutes. Season of Sabarimala (Nov, Dec, Jan).

The Seeveli of five elephants and Laksha deepam was a joy. Traditional oil lamps are mounted on the sanctum’s walls and are lit. The caparisoned elephants circled the temple three times while carrying Venchamaram (a white fan) and Mayipeli (a peacock feather fan). The scene was enthralling thanks to Panchavadhyam, Nadaswaram, and Melam. From 8.30 to 10.30 p.m. every night, this occurs. Both the young and the old enjoy it.

Today’s Waiting for Crowd at Guruvayur Temple:

  • The finest time to take darshan is in the morning. Even though there is a large throng because it is Sabarimala season.
  • Darshan is over in 30 to 40 minutes even though we arrived at the temple at about 3:30. Darshan is provided today at the Guruvayur Temple.
  • The current wait time for visitors at the Guruvayur Temple is only a few minutes to 1 to 2 hours.
  • Currently taking reservations at the ticket desks. LIVE

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