Festivals Celebrated At Kanyakumari Bhagawati Amman Temple

Know the details about Festivals Celebrated At Kanyakumari Bhagawati Amman Temple, Festivals at Kumari Amman Temple, Kumari Amman Temple location route map guide

It’s not often that you come across a temple in India that’s situated in such a picture-perfect setting, but the Goddess Bhagavathi Temple in Kanyakumari certainly qualifies. At this point, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean all come together to form a single body of water. You can see the dawn and the sunset from the same location, which is another aspect that sets it apart from other places. On days with a full moon, it is also possible to watch the moon rise at the same time as the sunset. See below to get the details about Festivals Celebrated At Kanyakumari Bhagawati Amman Temple

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Festivals Celebrated At Kanyakumari Bhagawati Amman Temple

One of the 51 Shaktipeethams, also known as the celestial abodes of the Goddess Shakti, the Kumari Amman Temple is significant due to the fact that it is one of these locations. This temple is considered to be one of the one hundred and eight “Durga Alayas,” which are dedicated to the goddess Durga. According to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda came to visit this temple in the month of December in the year 1892.

Ruby stones are fashioned into the pattern of Devi Kanyakumari’s nose ring. They are so dazzling that even at night, they may be seen from a considerable distance away.

It is stated that ships traveling in the ocean mistook the radiance of the rubies for the light coming from the nearby lighthouse, which led to their destruction when they collided with the adjacent rocks. As a result of this factor, the Kumari Amman Temple’s gate on the eastern side is kept locked at all times.

Festivals Celebrated At Kanyakumari Bhagawati Amman Temple

On the days of the new moon that occur throughout the months of Edavam and Karkkidakam (also known as Capricorn and Cancer), as well as during Navaratri and the month of Vrischikam, the temple’s eastern entrance is opened.

After making your way around the first corridor that surrounds the shrine and passing through the Navaratri Mandapam, you will find yourself on the route that leads to the second corridor. The Kala Bhairava Shrine and the well-known “Patal Ganga Teerth” can be found just at the entrance to this area.

Both of these locations offer water for the Abhisegham that is performed for the Devi. The Dhwajastambha, often known as the flag pole, comes next.

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Festivals Celebrated At Kanyakumari Bhagawati Amman Temple

Chaitra Purnima:

The festival known as Chaitra Purnima takes place on the day of the full moon in May.


The celebration of Navarathri takes place between the months of September and October. Devotees commemorate the vanquishing of Banasura on the tenth day of the Navarathri festival, which is known as the Vijaya Dasami.

Vaishaka Festival:

The Vaisakha festival is a celebration that lasts for ten days during the Tamil month of Vaikasi (which occurs between May and June). Both in the morning and in the evening, devotees make their way through the streets of the town carrying a picture of the goddess Devi.

Kalabham Festival:

The festival of Kalabham is held during the Tamil month of Aadi (Karkkidakam), which occurs between the months of July and August. On the last Friday of the Tamil month, which is known as Aadi, the priest applies sandal paste to the idol.


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