Dhanurmasam 2022 Puja Vidhanam At Home Items List 

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As per Telugu Calender, Dhanurmasam is a special month that comes between Marghasira Masam and Pushya Masam. People tend to avoid or even perform any events like Gruhapravesam, Marriages, Buying new things like a car and home, Baby showers, Annaprasana, and other things during this month as it is considered Shoonya Masam. Even though this month is not believed as auspicious for some occasions, it is considered auspicious for sadhana as per Puranas and shastras. In Dhanurmasam, almost all of the Lord Vishnu temples are beautifully decorated with a lot of pujas along with Thiruppavai Parayanam is offered by devotees as this Dhanurmasam is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Although some temples do not perform Suprabatham, Sathyanarayan Vratam is one of the special poojas in Dhanurmasam.

Dhanurmasam pooja Vidhanam :

Pilgrims perform Vishnu Sahasranama Homam during this month. Sathyanarayan Vratam is usually performed on Pournami in Dhanurmasam. The last day of Dhanurmasam is when Goda Kalyanam is performed.

Devotees should get up early, take a head bath and clean the house, Pooja Mandir. The entrance should be beautifully decorated with Turmeric paste, Flowers, and Rangoli. Devotees must start with Nitya Pooja and KrishnaStotra Shatanamavali for Lord Krishna and Godhastrotra Sathanamavali for Godhadevi. Godhadevi and Lord Krishna must be offered Pongal which is made with rice, dal, ghee, peppercorns, and curry leaves as prasadam.
Now the puja must be offered for Tiruppavai with fruits, flowers, and other prasadam items followed by Harathi. Women do not use flowers as there is a rule that all the flowers must be offered to Lord Krishna on Dhanurmasam.

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 Dhanurmasam 2022 Puja Vidhanam At Home Items List

Dhanurmasam pooja lasts for a month. For the first 15 days, pooja should be offered before Sunrise and for the last 15 days, pooja should be offered after Sunset. The last day, that is on Bhogi day, Dhanurmasam concludes with Godha Kalyanam.

Dhanurmasam pooja Samagri list :

5 kinds of Fruits
Sandalwood Powder
Betel leaves
Betel nuts and prasadam items are required to do the pooja.

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