Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals

Know the details about Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals, 2024 Bhogi festival date timings Telugu Calendar and importance, 2024 Bhoghi festival date and significance

Bhogi is the name of the holiday that occurs on the first day of the harvest festival known as Pongal, which is celebrated over the course of four days in the southern regions of India. It is the day on which individuals get rid of everything that is out of date, and as a direct consequence, they herald in a new period of good fortune and prosperity in their lives. See below to get the details about Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals

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Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals

The first day of the Pongal festival, known as Bhogi, is when the revelry officially gets underway. The event is held on the twelfth day, which is also the final day of the month that is known in Tamil as Margazhi.

Celebrations of this occasion take place around the time of year known as Makar Sankranti, which is the time of year when the sun changes from the southern to the northern hemisphere. According to the English calendar, it takes place between January 13 and January 16.

Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals

When is the Bhogi festival celebrated in the year 2024?

In 2024, the Bhogi festival will be celebrated on January 14, 2024.

Lord Indra, the god of the sky and its precipitation, is honored on the day known as Bhogi. Farmers worship Indra in the hope that he would bestow upon them his blessings on a bountiful crop, which will in turn bring them riches and success.

Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals

What are the rituals followed on the Bhogi festival?

On this day, which marks the beginning of a new era, people throw away any and all outdated items in their homes. On this day, homes are scrubbed clean, whitewashed, and embellished with marigold flowers, mango leaves, and other recently acquired items.

In accordance with the customs, the ladies of the household create floral patterns known as ‘kolam’ using rice flour paste that has been newly gathered and marked with red. In addition, pumpkin blossoms have been included in these patterns. Fresh cow dung cakes, also known as Gobbemma, are put inside of these patterns, and clay lamps are set on top of them. On this day, food is prepared using rice, sugarcane, and turmeric that was only recently harvested.

On this day, farmers pay homage to their plows and other implements of the trade. Before the first paddy is cut on this particular day, the tools are purified by being coated with kumkum and sandalwood paste, and sacrifices are offered to both the Sun God and Mother Earth.

Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals

A ceremony known as Bhogi Mantalu is carried out in some parts of the country. In this location, an open fire is started using cow dung cake and wood, and any unused goods and garments are offered as sacrifices to the flames. Every kind of rubbish, including that from farms and households, is thrown into the fire, including things like worn-out rugs and broomsticks.

While making their way around the sacred fire, the women of the household recite mantras and sing songs that extol the virtues of the gods. After participating in a ritual bath on this day, women would adorn themselves with brand-new garments and accessories.

The ceremony known as Pongal Panai takes place after the Bhogi festival and consists of the painting and decorating of new earthen pots with flowers and mango leaves. People in the hamlet often paint and adorn the horns of buffaloes as a symbol of the joyous spirit that pervades the community during the holiday season.

Bhogi 2024 Date Timings And Festival Rituals

This day is a time for families to gather together, as well as for friends and other relatives to get together.
In order to make bhogi pallu, first keep some recently harvested grains and fruits along with some money, and then deliver the finished product to youngsters.

This celebration is highlighted by events and activities such as crafting rangoli and participating in traditional rural sports like kite flying, cock battles, and bullfighting.


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