Arasavalli Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals List

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One of the most well-known Surya temples is the Arasavalli Sun Temple, which can be found in the Srikakulam region of Andhra Pradesh, India. The architecture of the Arasavalli temple was designed in such a manner that the feet of the god would get direct sunlight twice a year, in the early morning hours of the month of February and the month of June, respectively. Each and every Sunday that begins with the letter ‘Magha Nakshatra’ is revered as a holy day. See below for details about the Arasavalli Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals List

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Arasavalli Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals List

Idols of the gods Aditya, Ambica, Vishnu, Ganesha, and Maheswara, who each represent a distinct faith, have been set at the same location. This is significant since all of these gods are worshiped throughout India.

One of the depictions of the Sun God shows him riding in a chariot that is being drawn by seven horses and is being driven by Anurudu, who is known as the Ratha Sarathi. It is totally carved out of a single block of black granite, which requires a great deal of patience and precision.

The latitude of the temple in the coastal area corresponds with the minor lunar standstill, making it a very significant location. Because of this, the temple is unlike any other. The transition from the lunar calendar used in northern India to the solar calendar used in southern India has left its imprint on the culture of the area as well.

Arasavalli Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals List

The lunar calendar was formerly used in the northern part of India. This is very certainly the sun temple in peninsular India that is situated in the most easterly location, and it is still in use as a place of worship today. Because of its location in Kalingapatnam, Chicacole has a significant position in the kingdom of Kalinga (the historical region).

For this reason, the establishment was formerly known as Megasthenes’ Dairy (Calingae). The diaspora may be found in historical areas of modern-day southeast Asia such as the Kalinga province and the Kalinga Kingdom, in addition to other locations. It is widely held that the Kalinga people may trace their ancestry back to Prince Vijaya, the first ruler of Sri Lanka.

Arasavalli Temple Daily Puja Seva Rituals List

The term “Harshavalli” originally meant “abode of joy.” It was probably built in the seventh century AD by Devendra Varma, who was the ruler of Kalinga at the time. The discovery of the structure lends support to this theory.

What are the daily seva rituals performed at the Arasavalli Temple? 

S.NoTimings Seva performed
014:00 AMSuprabatha Seva
025:00 AMMorning Archana
036:oo AM Darshan
048:30 AM Archana
0512:30 AMNaivedyam
061:00 PM Temple closes
073:00 PMTemple opens
083:30 PMSarva Darshan
096:30 PMPradosha Archana
108:00 PMPavalimpu Seva
118:30 PMTemple Closes



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