2024 Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti Date Puja Timings

See below for the 2024 Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti Date Puja Timings, Pooja Procedure, Items List, Significance of Ramanujacharya Jayanthi, How to Celebrate at Home.

Celebrating Ramanujacharya Jayanti 2024: A Deep-Dive into Traditions, Timings, and Significance

Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti marks the auspicious birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya, a revered 11th-century saint, philosopher, and significant proponent of the Vishishtadvaita Vedanta. In 2024, this spiritual celebration invites devotees to immerse themselves in rituals, reverence, and the rich heritage of one of Hinduism’s greatest sages.

This comprehensive guide offers an insightful look into the 2024 Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti Date Puja Timings, pooja procedure, items list, and the profound significance of Ramanujacharya Jayanthi. Additionally, it provides a step-by-step guide on how to celebrate this holy occasion at home, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

2024 Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti Date and Puja Timings

Ramanujacharya Jayanti falls on the Thiruvathirai Nakshatra day during the month of Chithirai (April-May) in the Tamil calendar. In 2024, this auspicious event is observed on 12th May 2024. The precise puja timings vary each year based on lunar movements and geographic locations, making it essential for devotees to consult a local panchangam or spiritual authority to determine the ideal time for worship.

Pooja Procedure and Items List

Observing Ramanujacharya Jayanti begins with preparing a clean and sacred space within the home. Devotees should collect the following items for the pooja:

  • Images or Idols: Of Sri Ramanujacharya and Lord Vishnu
  • Pooja Samagri: Including incense sticks, camphor, sandalwood paste, flowers, and tulsi leaves
  • Offerings: Fruits, sweets, and prasadams such as chakkarai pongal
  • Lamp: Ghee lamp for the aarti

Step-by-Step Pooja Procedure:

  1. Cleanse and Prepare: Begin by cleaning the pooja area. Take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  2. Install the Idol: Place the idols or images of Sri Ramanujacharya and Lord Vishnu on a raised platform.
  3. Invocation: Start with an invocation prayer to invite the deities to accept your worship.
  4. Offerings: Offer the sandalwood paste, flowers, and tulsi leaves to the idols.
  5. Light the Lamp: Light the ghee lamp and offer incense while reciting prayers or shlokas dedicated to Sri Ramanujacharya.
  6. Prasad Distribution: Conclude the pooja by distributing the prasad among family members and attendees.

Significance of Ramanujacharya Jayanthi

Sri Ramanujacharya’s teachings emphasized devotion to Lord Vishnu and introduced the concept of surrendering one’s soul to God as the ultimate path to salvation. His philosophy of Vishishtadvaita (qualified non-dualism) played a pivotal role in shaping Vaishnavism. Celebrating his jayanti is a homage to his contributions towards spiritual enlightenment and social reforms, including advocating against caste discrimination and striving for equality among all beings.

How to Celebrate at Home

Celebrating Ramanujacharya Jayanti at home is a profound way to connect with divine teachings and imbue your surroundings with spiritual vibrations.

  1. Early Morning Rituals: Rise early and perform personal ablutions. Recite prayers or read passages from works like the Vedartha Sangraha.
  2. Decorate Your Home: Adorn your house with flowers and rangoli to welcome positive energies.
  3. Engage in Charity: Following Sri Ramanujacharya’s teachings, engage in acts of charity by feeding the needy or donating to charitable causes.
  4. Study Sessions: Organize study sessions with family to discuss and reflect upon the teachings of Sri Ramanujacharya.
  5. Virtual Gatherings: In the digital age, virtual gatherings with fellow devotees can be organized to share insights and participate in group prayers.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Preparations: Gather all necessary items for the pooja well in advance.
  2. Schedule: Determine the puja timing based on local panchangam and plan the day accordingly.
  3. Participation: Involve family members in different aspects of the celebration to foster a collective spiritual ambiance.
  4. Reflection and Charity: Allocate time for reflection on Sri Ramanujacharya’s teachings and for performing charitable acts.


Q1. Can I perform Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti pooja if I do not have his idol? Yes, you can use a photograph. The intent and devotion behind the worship are what truly matter.

Q2. Are there any specific mantras to be chanted during the pooja? While there are no specific mantras, chanting Vishnu Sahasranama or reciting passages from Sri Ramanujacharya’s works is considered auspicious.

Q3. Is it necessary to fast on Ramanujacharya Jayanti? Fasting is not mandatory but is undertaken by some devotees as a mark of devotion and discipline.

Q4. Can non-Hindus participate in the celebrations? Absolutely. Sri Ramanujacharya’s teachings transcend religious boundaries, emphasizing universal love and devotion.

Closing Thoughts

Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti 2024 is not just a day for ritualistic worship but a moment to deeply connect with the essence of unconditional devotion and equality preached by this revered sage. By celebrating this day at home, we not only honor his legacy but also sow the seeds of spirituality, compassion, and unity in our hearts and communities. This is the brief information about the 2024 Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti Date Puja Timings in detail.

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