2024 Pradosh Vrat May Month Date Puja Timings

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Pradosh Vrat May 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Pradosh Vrat, a significant fast observed by Hindus, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Falling on the Trayodashi (13th day) of both the lunar fortnight, this auspicious day is said to bring blessings and fulfillment of desires to its observers.

In May 2024, the Pradosh Vrat will be observed with great devotion, offering devotees an opportunity to seek divine blessings. This article provides a detailed overview of the 2024 Pradosh Vrat May Month Date Puja Timings, including puja timings, rituals, fasting details, significance, and frequently asked questions.

2024 Pradosh Vrat May Month Date Puja Timings

In May 2024, Pradosh Vrat will be observed twice, aligning with the waxing and waning phases of the moon. The specific dates and puja timings will depend on geographical locations and lunar movements, so adherents are advised to consult local panchang (Hindu calendar) or astrological sources for exact timings. Typically, the Pradosha Puja is performed during the sandhya kaal (twilight period), which lasts for about 2.5 hours before sunset. This year Pradosh Vrat Pooja falls on 05th May and 20th May 2024.

How to Do Pradosha Pooja at Home

Performing the Pradosha Pooja at home is a deeply spiritual experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to conduct the puja:

  1. Cleanliness and Preparation: Begin by cleaning the house, especially the puja room. Take a bath and wear clean, traditional clothes.
  2. Puja Items List: Prepare a list of items needed for the puja, including a statue or image of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, water, milk, honey, ghee, sugar, bel leaves, fruits, flowers, incense sticks, lamp, and offerings (naivedya).
  3. Setting up the Altar: Place the deity’s image on a platform and decorate it with flowers and garlands. Light the lamp and incense sticks.
  4. Invocation: Start the puja by invoking Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, requesting their presence and blessings.
  5. Abhishekam: Perform abhishekam (ritual bathing) of the Shiva lingam or the idol with water, milk, honey, and other items, chanting the “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra.
  6. Offerings: Offer bel leaves, fruits, and flowers to the deity, followed by the prepared naivedya.
  7. Aarti and Prayers: Conclude the puja with the Aarti, waving a lit lamp in a circular motion in front of the deities, followed by heartfelt prayers.

Fasting Details

The Pradosh Vrat fast is observed from sunrise on the day of Trayodashi until the completion of the puja in the evening. Devotees may opt for a full fast or a partial fast, where they consume fruits, milk, and water. The fast is broken after the evening puja by consuming prasad offered during the puja.


The Pradosh Vrat holds immense significance in Hindu culture. It is believed that observing this fast with devotion can lead to the removal of sins, obstacles, and bestow blessings for a prosperous life. It is also said to grant spiritual growth, marital bliss, and fulfillment of desires. The mythology associated with Pradosh Vrat tells of the time when the Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) churned the ocean to obtain amrita (nectar of immortality), and poison emerged initially. Lord Shiva consumed the poison to protect the universe, and the gods prayed to him during the Pradosha Kala, leading to the tradition of Pradosh Vrat worship.


Q: Can Pradosh Vrat be observed without fasting? A: Yes, one can observe Pradosh Vrat by performing puja and prayers without necessarily fasting.

Q: Is it necessary to visit a temple for Pradosh Vrat? A: While visiting a temple adds to the spiritual experience, one can also perform Pradosha Puja at home with due reverence.

Q: Can Pradosh Vrat be observed by anyone? A: Yes, Pradosh Vrat can be observed by anyone irrespective of age or gender, with the intent of devotion and spiritual growth.

Q: Are there any specific mantras to be chanted during Pradosh Vrat? A: The “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra is central to Pradosh Puja, along with other Shiva mantras and stotras like the Rudrashtakam.

Q: What should one do if unable to observe the fast? A: Intention holds great importance in worship. If one is unable to fast due to health reasons or other constraints, they can still participate in the puja, offer prayers, and seek blessings.


The Pradosh Vrat in May 2024 offers a sacred opportunity for devotees to honor Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, seeking their blessings for a harmonious and prosperous life. By observing the fast, performing the puja with sincerity, and following the rituals, devotees can deepen their spiritual practice and experience divine grace. Remember, the essence of Pradosh Vrat lies in devotion and the purity of intention behind the observance. This is the brief information about the 2024 Pradosh Vrat May Month Date Puja Timings in detail.

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